0915 What Network | Check Mobile Prefix Globe Or Smart

0915 What Network
0915 What Network

0915 what network globe or Tm? In the Philippines, Globe Telecom | TM is the owner and operator of the mobile prefix 0915. In the Philippines, Globe Telecom is the registered operator of at least 37+ mobile prefixes. According to a study by Globe Telecom, the company has generated an estimated revenue of 135.28 billion pesos annually.

0915 What Network Philippines

The mobile number 0915 What Network, which starts with 0915, indicates it’s a Globe or TM (Touch Mobile) number. In the Philippines, Globe and TM (Touch Mobile) share a cellular network.

In the Philippines, Globe Telecom, Inc., popularly known as Globe, is a significant supplier of telecommunications services. The company operates the most extensive mobile Network in the Philippines in addition to one of the largest fixed-line and internet networks.

Is 0915 globe or smart

Let’s know 0915 smart or globe:

0915 globe or smart? In the Philippines, the 0915 globe prefix is registered to the Globe Telecom or TM (Touch Mobile) network. One of the oldest mobile prefixes that Globe has released is 0915.

Touch Mobile is a cellular service brand owned by Globe Telecom that is well-known for its inexpensive text and call packages. As a result, the mobile prefixes used by TM and Globe are identical.

How to Purchase Globe Load Online?

For Android and iOS users, download the official Globe APP to purchase a load online.

How to Check Your Globe Load Balance?

Via Mobile Device

  • Enter *143#.
  • To make a balance inquiry, press number 7, then submit.
  • Your current Globe Load Balance, together with the date of your load expiration, will be displayed in a pop-up modal.

Via Globe One APP

  • Get the Globe Telecom official mobile application.
  • Activate your current mobile number with the Mobile APP.
  • View more information about your mobile number, such as your current load balance and expiration date, by opening the APP.

How do you contact a mobile number from TM or Globe?

You need to dial the 11-digit number beginning with 0915 network if you’re calling from within the Philippines. Ensure your account has enough load balance before calling or signing up for any Globe unlimited call promotions. When calling outside the nation or overseas, dial +63 plus the 10-digit mobile number, omitting the digit “0.”

What is the Area Code in the Philippines?

There is only one area code that is accepted worldwide for mobile numbers in the Philippines, and that is +63. All mobile phones in the Philippines, regardless of network or service provider, utilize this area code.


0915 What Network? In conclusion, Globe Telecom or Touch is the registered owner of the 0915 network prefix like 0951, 0977 and others. One of the largest telecom companies in the Philippines, Globe Telecom employs more than 8,000 people and has 196 locations nationwide.


What are the Globe and TM numbers?

The following are the Philippines’ Globe or TM mobile network prefixes: 0817, 0904, 0905, 0906, 0915, 0916, 0917, 0926, 0927, 0935, 0936, 0937, 0945, 0954.

What is TNT Globe or Smart?

In the Philippines, Smart Communications offers a cellular service called TNT.

Is DITO under Globe or Smart?

In reality, China Telecommunications, a state-owned telco and the country’s third-largest supplier of mobile telecommunication services, owns DITO along with Udenna Corporation.

What is the prefix of telecommunication?

The Greek prefix tele- is the source of the word telecommunications.


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