B Simone Net Worth In 2023 | Her Income Growth And Career 

B Simone Net Worth
B Simone Net Worth

As of 2023, B Simone Net Worth is around $4 million.

B Simone Net Worth $4 Million
Name B. Simone
Age 32
Birth Date April 5, 1990
Annual Salary $350,000
Profession Comedian, Actress, Singer
Nationality American

B Simone Net Worth 2023

B Simone Net Worth
B Simone Net Worth

Let’s know How much is B Simone worth:

As of 2023, B Simone Net Worth was about $4 million US. She is one of the best comedic actresses in the nation and gained widespread fame for her role in the television series Wild ‘N Out. The monthly salary of B. Simone exceeds $25,000.

Her primary source of income is from her work as a comedian in movies, TV shows, and other media, as well as from the music industry. Despite this, Simone still earns well via social media, live performances, and various brand endorsements. The yearly compensation of B. Simone exceeds $350,000.

B Simone Career

B Simone started as a social media influencer, producing material on websites like YouTube and Instagram. Her hilarious and relevant videos helped her swiftly amass a sizable following. She participated in the TV series Wild ‘N Out in 2017, which helped advance her career.

She has since appeared on TV programs, such as You’re My Boooyfriend, Girls Cruise, Hip Hop Squares, Ridiculousness, and Dish Nation. She has also appeared in films, including Ray Jr.’s Rent Due, I Got the Hook Up 2, and # DigitalLivesMatter.

Simone produced the reality TV show as an executive producer in 2019. It’s My boooyfriend, You. She did, however, come under fire for allegedly copying portions of her book that same year. B. Simone is still well-liked in the entertainment sector despite this setback.

B. Simone Net Worth Growth

B Simone Net Worth 2023 $4 Million
B Simone Net Worth 2022 $3.7 Million
B Simone Net Worth 2021 $3.4 Million
B.Simone Net Worth 2020 $3.1 Million
B Simone Networth 2019 $2.9 Million
B Simone Beauty Net Worth 2018 $2.7 Million

Early Life

Braelyn Simone, A pastor’s son, was born on April 5, 1990, in Dallas, Texas, in the United States. The second sister of Simone is called Jordyn. Growing up, when she was a young girl and her parents split, she had many hardships. She subsequently went through childhood alongside her father and stepmother.

She acknowledged that she didn’t have a great connection with her stepmother but eventually forgave her. She is multitalented and started her career in various industries, including comedy, acting, music, producing, and directing

In terms of her boyfriend, B. Simone began seeing Darian Barns in 2019. But eventually, their romance came to an end. Rapper DaBaby was later found to be her boyfriend. She accepted the rapper’s marriage proposal but later admitted in an interview that she had never been in a committed relationship.


Among the best comedians in the country, B. Simone is the first pick for promoting beauty product brands. The actress is sponsoring several companies on her social media pages, including SAVAGE X FENTY BY RIHANNA, Fashion Nova, La Fête Rosé, UNICORN UNIVERSE, Yummy Hair Extensions, and many others.

In addition to serving as a brand ambassador, B. Simone founded her own business, B. Simone Beauty, where she offers cruelty-free and vegan cosmetics.

Simone Personal life

B Simone Net Worth
B Simone Net Worth

Simone has maintained a modest personal life despite the public attention her career has received. Despite her fame, she has kept her privacy and authenticity intact, which has made her fans even more devoted to her.

Simone and Darian Barns have been dating since the year 2019. But recently, they broke up and stopped dating.


Simone stands out as a vibrant and adaptable individual. She showed determination and ingenuity from a difficult upbringing to becoming a well-known actress, rapper, and businesswoman.

The anticipated B Simone Net Worth is around $4 million in 2023 demonstrates her skill and astute business sense.

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What is B. Simone known for?

She is well-recognised for Stand Up, Scheme Queens (2022), and Battlegrounds. 

Who is B. Simone from Wild N Out?

Braelyn Greenfield plays B. Simone from Wild N Out.


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