Bree Dunham | Bio, Facts, Husband, Of Jeff Dunham Daughter

Bree Dunham
Bree Dunham

Bree Dunham is the daughter of American ventriloquist, stand-up comedian, and actor Jeff Dunham and has become a minor star. Read on to gain more information about her, such as her birthday, husband, and Jeff Dunham children (including Jack Steven Dunham, Ashlyn Dunham, Kenna Dunham, and Audrey Murdick), as well as more!

Bree Dunham Biography

Bree Dunham was born in August 1991 to Jeff Dunham and has quickly become one of the media darlings of her generation. Both parents are well-known figures in show business – her father is known for ventriloquism, comedy, and acting, among other things.

Paige hails from the United States, where her mother works as a film producer, business owner, and advocate for divorced women’s rights.

Full Name Bree Dunham
Birth Day August  1991
Age (As in 2023) 31 years old
Nationality American
Birth Place United States of America
Horoscope Capricorn
Popular For Jeff Dunham’s Daughter
Profession Social Media Star
Sibling Ashlyn Dunham and Kenna Dunham
Other Jeff Dunham Daughters Kenna, and Ashlyn Dunham
Husband Eric Hemphill
Father Jeff Dunham
Mother Paige Dunham
Net Worth $20 million
Instagram @breedunham

Jeff Dunham’s Daughter Childhood and early life

Bree Dunham
Bree Dunham

Bree Dunham was born in the USA on August 11, 1991, to parents Jeff and Paige Dunham and has never renounced her American citizenship or lived outside its borders. Unfortunately, not much information exists regarding her childhood years.

Bree Dunham Professional Life and Career

Bree Dunham has yet to disclose her work history, and whether she remains employed remains unknown. As the daughter of Jeff and Paige Dunham, however, Jeff Dunham’s daughter gained fame and hoped to replicate their success.

Jeff, her father, is an esteemed American stand-up comedian, producer and ventriloquist. After discovering ventriloquism as a career path at a young age, he quickly appeared at venues like Westbury Music Fair and Broadway productions like Sugar Babies. Soon after relocating to Los Angeles in 1988, he found work with various TV shows, eventually appearing on Comedy Central Presents (CCP).

Jeff Dunham began production of Arguing With Myself, a comedy DVD, in 2009.

Comedy Central first broadcast in 2006, drawing over 2 million viewers to witness its success. Paige did anything she could to ensure her husband’s comic book company thrived and established, including importing new ideas from outside sources.

Husband, Eric Hemphill, Wedding

Bree Dunham
Bree Dunham

Bree Dunham and Eric Hemphill appear to be enjoying an idyllic marriage. Though we cannot verify its exact date, it seems safe to assume that their wedding ceremony was attended by friends and family from all corners of their lives.

Bree Dunham Baby

Bree Dunham
Bree Dunham

Jeff Dunham shared news of Harrison Thomas Hemphill Dunham’s birth via Instagram: he posted images and an emotional caption announcing it was here!

Congratulations, Bree and Eric Hemphill, on the birth of Harrison Thomas Hemphill! I extend my sincerest congratulations for being amazing parents I adore immensely! Jack and James (our four-year-old twins) are now officially Uncle Jack and Uncle James; Audrey and I are now officially Grandma and Grandpa; our children now know them as Aunty Ken and Aunty Ash – We need this photo for our holiday card! Once again, I want to extend my congratulations and say I adore both of you so much! I love both of you and look forward to meeting your little bundle! I adore both of you!

Harrison, or Harry as he is more commonly known, recently turned one year old.

Jeff Dunham Bree Dunham

Jeff Dunham adopted Bree Dunham when they married Paige Brown in 1994, who was only one and a half years old. Later, they welcomed Ashlyn Dunham in 1995 and Kenna Dunham two years later.

Divorce eventually ended their relationship.

Bree Dunham Physical Appearance

Bree Dunham is of average height and weight, and her figure resembles one. She boasts a pale, white complexion with a tall and slender frame; her eyes feature lighter hues of brown, while both eyes and hair feature golden highlights.

Her age is 29, and we have no information regarding other parts of her anatomy.

Bree Dunham Social media

Jeff Dunham’s daughter is only active on one social media platform: Instagram. She has 736 followers there and less activity elsewhere, like Facebook and Twitter.

Instagram @breedunham
Facebook N/A
Twitter N/A

Net Worth of Bree Dunham

Bree Dunham has not publicly spoken about Bree’s professional history or secret job. However, she leads an extravagant lifestyle, which would benefit her financially if we knew more. Unfortunately, learning more details of jeff dunham daughters professional path is necessary to gauge her wealth accurately.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Jeff Dunham is worth an estimated total of $140 Million and made $20 Million just in 2001 thanks to his position. In 2012, he received $22 Million as compensation; between June 2017 and June 2018, he made another $17 Million between June 2017. Furthermore, over 10 Million DVDs and tens of Millions worth of products were sold under his direction.

Her Father, Jeff Dunham (Info)

Jeff Dunham is an American movie mogul, comedian, and ventriloquist born on April 18, 1962, and currently celebrating their 60th year.

Howard Dunham, a real estate appraiser, and his wife Joyce adopted him shortly after birth. They gave him a Mortimer Snerd dummy for ventriloquism practice at eight years old.

Soon, he was invited to play at local universities and colleges, including Bree Dunham’s father attending Vent Haven ConVENTion when he was only in sixth grade! Soon after that, he graduated high school and immediately enrolled at Baylor.

Her Father Career

Bree Dunham
Bree Dunham

At Baylor University, he provided private shows for business clients on weekends to entertain them and make money off them. As part of his act, he parodied well-known figures like General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt and others in his show.

Westbury Music Fair and Broadway show Sugar Babies both included his performances, with him quickly becoming a regular guest appearance at various Los Angeles-area shows since relocating.

In 1993, he made his solo television debut on Comedy Central Presents on its network television platform.

Jeff Dunham: Arguing With Myself was his comedy DVD created with his funds. Despite its success, however, the network decided not to extend his contract. To celebrate, Jeff started his comedy DVD entitled Jeff Dunham: Arguing with Myself using all his funds.

Spark of Insanity was released to Comedy Central viewers and instantly succeeded, becoming one of the network’s highest-rated programs of 2006.

Abby Phillips and Marcus Glenn Richardson had an intriguing and complex love story that unfolded before they married each other.

Over one million DVDs were sold, and the special was watched over 140 million times on YouTube. Following Christmas 2008, Jeff Dunham released A Very Special Christmas Special, which experienced similar levels of success as its predecessors.

Bree Dunham’s father, Jeff Dunham, established The Jeff Dunham Show for Comedy Central after signing an exclusive agreement with them in 2009.

Although his show was canceled due to excessive production costs and poor reviews, Jeff Dunham has gone on to produce successful stand-up specials such as Controlled Chaos, Minding Monsters, All Over the Map, and Unhinged in Hollywood.

Jeff Dunham’s Net Worth

According to several sources, Jeff Dunham has an estimated net worth of around $150 million, derived from his work as an American comedian, movie producer, and ventriloquist over his professional career.

Jeff Dunham Sons

Bree Dunham
Bree Dunham

After his divorce, Jeff Dunham began dating nutritionist and fitness trainer Audrey Murdick; they ultimately married in 2012. Three years after their wedding, they welcomed twin sons, James Jeffrey Dunham and Jack Steven Dunham (after their names, respectively). Both boys bore names that honored both parents.

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Did Jeff Dunham adopt his daughters?

Dunham married Brown in May 1994 and adopted Bree Dunham, Brown’s daughter. Ashlyn and Kenna, two more daughters, blessed the couple.

Who is Paige Dunham married to now?

Paige Dunham, the wife of actor Jeffrey Douglas Dunham, is a ventriloquist, comedian, and TV regular in the United States.

Does Jeff Dunham have any children?

Jeff Dunham Children are: Jack Steven, James Jeffrey, Bree Dunham, Ashlyn Dunham, and Kenna Dunham.

How many Jeff Dunham daughters are there?

Three of Jeff Dunham daughters. There are three Dunham sisters: Bree, Kenna, and Ashlyn.


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