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Danielley Ayala
Danielley Ayala

Danielley Ayala is an influencer, cosmetic artist and social media model. Her exceptional Twitter following is the primary source of her popularity, as many companies are trying to locate her.

Ayala is mostly a cosmetic artist and online brand endorser. She has also designed swimwear and lingerie on the side and occasionally showcases items from other firms. You are capable. Ayala has an enormous quantity of content on her website, including cosmetic routines, model shoots, trip destinations, cruises, and daily activities. Read this article to know Danielley Ayala bio in detail.

Danielley Ayala Biography

Danielley Ayala
Danielley Ayala

The birthdate of Danielle Ayalla is February 23, 1994. She is currently 29 years old. The Los Angeles School of Makeup awarded her a degree. To hone her makeup techniques, she has enrolled in a couple more classes.

In November 2019, Danielly Ayala shared a tweet about enrolling in a makeup course. She was a model, hair stylist, and makeup artist. She also registered at California’s Makeup Designory College, Burbank, for makeup classes.


Name  Danielley Ayala   
Gender  Female
Date of birth  February 23, 1994
Danielley Ayala Age  29 years
Place of birth  Los Angeles, California, USA
Current residence  Los Angeles, California, USA
Nationality  American
Marital status  Dating 
Boyfriend  Peter Shelegin
Profession  Makeup artist and social media influencer 
Net worth  $2 million
Instagram  @danielleyayalaa 
Twitter  @dddanielley 

Danielley Ayala Career 

As previously mentioned, Danielley Ayla loved shiny and opulent items. She decided to pursue her dream of becoming a makeup artist. After a series of unexpected turns in her life, she is currently the most sought-after influencer and model in the US

Her attempt to become a well-known makeup artist resulted in her incredible success. She even created her own website offering advice on cosmetics and beauty products. Danielle Alaya is also employed by the modeling agency Found Model Management. Danielleyayala is one of their signed models. 

She also demonstrated her complementary makeup techniques in the 2018 film Dance of Vengeance. Her professional achievements continue. She endorses several products and models, including Guetcha Tondreau, Sydney Nichole, and Andrew Beasley. SKYN and Elle have also featured her model’s representations. 

Educational background

In 2012, Danielle graduated from high school. Afterwards, between 2016 and 2017, she enrolled in the Make-up Designory College in Burbank, California, to study. Danielley said that she worked for pay and covered her educational expenses. She announced on Twitter in November 2019 that Danielley Ayalla would enroll in a second make-up course.

Personal life

Danielley Ayala
Danielley Ayala

Danieley Ayala was born and raised in New York, but she has lived in Los Angeles for most of her adult life. She now resides in Miami. She owns two dogs, Sonic and Brody. She has made their website and included pictures and videos of her lovely pets on a particular section of her page.

Danielley Ayala boyfriend or Dating

Daniellay Ayala posted numerous photos of herself and Peter Lobanov on  Instagram between 2014 and 2016. indicating that she dated him. Together, they visited Disneyland. At family get-togethers, she even showed off some of their pictures. However, after their breakup, Ayala removed every photo on her Instagram account that included him. 

On March 28, 2017, Danilley Ayala shared a photo of herself with Peter Shelegin on social media. She hadn’t posted about her dating experiences since then. However, little is known about her personal life, and none have discussed their relationship. 


Despite being outspoken on social media, Danielley Ayala has never shared anything with her family. Not even their names or any images. Similar to this, little is known about her hometown, although a source has verified that she has a good relationship with her family. However, there are currently no known details about her family. 

Danielley Ayalla Net worth

Including her website, agency, Twitter and Instagram accounts, Patreon account, and modeling and makeup artist projects, Danielleyyyayalaaa makes over $200,000 from all her gigs and social media presence. Her source of revenue was also Tiktok until her account was blocked due to the indecency and nudity part. 

Physical Appearance

Danielley Ayala
Danielley Ayala

It’s known that Danielle Ayala has a great body and looks great. Along with her beautiful body, her black hair and dark brown eyes made her look stunning. She keeps her body in good shape by workout. Danielley Ayala was 40, 26, and 36 inches tall, wide, and deep.

Danielley Ayala Measurements:

Height 5 feet 8 inches
Weight 65kg
Eye color Dark brown
Hair color Black
Body measurement 40-26-36

Social Media Handlings

There are lots of Danielley Ayala pictures available on her social media accounts:

Instagram @danielleyayalaa
Twitter @dddanielley
Youtube @DanielleyAyalaTV

Ten Facts about Danielley Ayala

  • Despite not being able to speak either language, 29 years Danielley Ayala was born on February 23, 1994, in the United States to parents who were originally from Puerto Rico and Russia.
  • Danielleya Ayala lived in New York and Los Angeles most of her life, but when alone, she made a permanent transfer to Miami.
  • Ayala is a professionally educated makeup and hairstylist who graduated from Los Angeles’ Makeup Designory (MUD).
  • In 2017, she began seeking a career in cosmetics, but she could not get into the film industry and instead began working with part-time models.
  • Ayala stopped wearing makeup in late 2018 and early 2019 to become a model for the famous agency Found Model Management.
  • Her 32DDD big breasts have turned her into a social media sensation, and she now has over 5 million Instagram followers.
  • She also runs an OnlyFans account, which has 826 posts and 513.9K likes.
  • The model maintains a separate Instagram page for herself and her two beloved dogs, Sonic and Brody.
  • Between 2015 and 2017, there were rumors that Danielleyyayalaa was dating makeup artist Peter Shelegin.
  • Daniele Ayala suffered from severe back difficulties as a youngster from having G and H cups, which led to an augmentation mammoplasty.

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At the beginning of 2021, Ayala had about 2 million Instagram followers; in just two months, that figure had risen to nearly 5 million. As a result, she is now even more of an influencer and is included among the Instagram users growing the fastest.

She made a very fantastic shift from makeup artist to model. Danielley Alaya makes most of her money from endorsing brands and modeling undergarments.


What are the names of Danielley Ayala’s dogs?

Danielley Ayalaa has two dogs, Sonic and Brody.


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