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Eric Jude Crewe
Eric Jude Crewe

Eric Jude Crewe is best known as the son of American rock and pop music pioneers Ricky Nelson and Georgeann Crewe (deceased). Learn more about Eric here, including his family history, bio, and image.

Some Facts

Full Name Eric Jude Crewe
Birth Date February 14, 1981
Age 41 years
Gender Male
Country United States
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Father Ricky Nelson
Mother Georgeann Crewe
Siblings Tracy Nelson, Gunnar Nelson, Sam Nelson and Matthew Nelson
Net Worth $ 500,000

Eric Jude Crewe Biography

Eric Jude Crewe
Eric Jude Crewe

Eric Jude Crewe was the son of Ricky Nelson’s late pregnancy; they only went out for five months before parting ways. Children born late tend to flourish under scrutiny, while others may prefer not to be the center of attention – in Eric’s case, that was February 14, 1981, in the USA.

How old is Eric Jude?

Eric Jude Crewe turned 42 this year (as of this writing). On February 14, he celebrated his milestone birthday. Born in the United States to parents of various ethnic backgrounds, he spent most of his life there.

Not much is known about Eric, his background, accomplishments, or wealth – though we speculate he may choose a private lifestyle away from public scrutiny.

Personal Life

Eric Jude Crewe may already have found someone special for himself; unfortunately, we do not have any way of verifying this rumor. Eric managed to remain out of the limelight due to his upbringing; therefore, speculating about romantic interests would only save our time and energy.

Before Eric’s birth, his parents were involved in relationships yet never tied the knot. Over time, they had their child, Eric. They married on August 5, 1995, after Eric’s father divorced his former spouse and began seeing Kristen Nelson for himself. Before Eric’s father passed away, they divorced.

Eric Jude Crewe Pictures

No Eric Jude Crewe photo can be found on the internet now. This could be because he prefers to keep a low profile.

Eric Net Worth 

However, when he died, his father was an accomplished American musician, singer, pioneer, and actor with an estimated net worth of over $500,000. At the same time, his mother was an accomplished dancer/model from an affluent background.

At first, Ricky paid no mind to Eric. Over time, he eventually agreed on a child support payment of $250 per month from Tracy – his half-sister and writer who has earned $7.6 Million as an actor/writer/dancer in America alone! Gunnar and Matthew both come from musical backgrounds.

Eric Jude Crewe Parents

Eric Jude Crewe
Eric Jude Crewe


Georgeann Crewe is best known as Eric Jude Crewe’s mother and Ricky Nelson’s former romantic partner. They first met at New Jersey’s Playboy Gorge Resort.

Ricky and Georgeann began dating from May 16 to September 1980. On February 14, 1981, Georgeann Crewe gave birth to Eric, although Ricky did not believe the child was his until he saw proof.


Eric Hilliard Nelson entered this world on May 8, 1940, in Teaneck, New Jersey, as the son of Ozzie Nelson and Harriet Hilliard Nelson; each father was an actor/director/producer/bandleader, while the mother was a singer.

Ricky Nelson attended several secondary institutions, such as Bancroft Junior High, Gardner Street Public School, and Hollywood High School.

Eric Jude Crewe Parents Relationship

Eric Jude Crewe
Eric Jude Crewe

They first met at a Playboy event in New Jersey and immediately connected. Crewe was instantly drawn to Rick upon meeting him for the first time, and they began dating on May 16, 1980. However, their love was temporary, as they parted ways again by September of that year.

Crewe became pregnant shortly after meeting Rick; after they broke up, she made several unsuccessful attempts to notify her that she was expecting their child; unfortunately, she never managed to do so successfully.

Eric was not welcomed by his father, Rick, or his mother, Mary-Louise.

In 1981, she gave birth to Eric Jude Crewe without Rick Nelson being present; since she and her son had felt marginalized by him, she chose to give their baby her name instead.

Rick was unfamiliar with Georgeann or Eric, his biological son, as confirmed through DNA testing; neither he nor his mother were fans in Rick’s eyes. Since Crewe hails from Atlantics, he stopped attending shows there.

Eric Father Career

He learned the drums, clarinet, and some basic guitar chords during his formative years as a musician; one of his primary sources of musical influence was American singer-songwriter Carl Perkins.

In March 1957, he released works such as A Teenager’s Romance, I’m Walkin, and You’re My Only Love, which made Billboard’s Best Sellers in Stores rankings at #2 and #4, respectively.

After signing with Imperial Records, around 750,000 preorders were placed for Ricky Nelson’s 1957 single, be-Bop Baby; over one million copies were eventually sold, and it peaked at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Ricky released his debut record, entitled Ricky, in September 1957, and it immediately topped all charts upon release. At one time, he and Elvis Presley competed to see who could release more chart-topping singles than one another.

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How old is Eric Jude Crewe?

The age of Eric Jude Crewe was 42. He was born on February 14, 1981, in the United States.

Who is the mother of Eric Jude?

Georgeann Crewe is the mother of Eric Jude.

Did Ricky Nelson have an illegitimate son?

While on tour, he had a one-night encounter and had Eric, an illegitimate son, with another lady.

Who is Eric Nelson related to?

Eric Nelson was born to Brian and Carole Nelson in Anniston, Alabama, on October 30, 1971.


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