Valentine Rocky Adlon | Biography, Facts, Parents, Net Worth

Valentine Rocky Adlon
Valentine Rocky Adlon

Valentine Rocky Adlon is a famous child who also happens to be the sister of Odessa A’zion and the daughter of American actress Pamela Adlon. Please keep reading for fascinating information about Valentine Adlon, like her age, Instagram, TikTok, birthday, etc.

Valentine Rocky Adlon Biography

Valentine Rocky Adlon
Valentine Rocky Adlon

On February 11, 2003, Valentine Adlon was born, also known as Rocky Adlon. She is the young daughter of Felix O. Adlon and Pamela Adlon. Pamela, her mother, is a performer who won an Emmy for King of the Hill, for which she provided the voice. In 2010, Pamela and Felix divorced, and Felix went to Germany.

Valentine Rocky Adlon, commonly known as Valentine Adlon, is a famous sibling and kid who also happens to be Odessa A’zion’s sister and Pamela Adlon’s daughter.

Profile Summary

Real Name Valentine Rocky Adlon
Nick Name Valentine Adlon
Date of Birth 2004
Rocky Adlon Age 18 years old
Place of Birth United States of America
Nationality American
Known for Celebrity Kid
Father Felix O. Adlon
Mother Pamela Adlon
Siblings Odessa A’zion and Gideon Aldon
Net Worth $5 million

Rocky Adlon Early Life

In America in 2004, Valentine Adlon opened her eyes for the first time. In the United States of America, Rocket Adlon is 18 years old and known as a celebrity daughter, and she is still concluding her high school education. Her grandparents are Percy Adlon, Don Segall, Marina L. Segall, and Eleanore Adlon, and she is devoted to their love and care.

Social Media Handlings

Valentine Rocky Adlon
Valentine Rocky Adlon


On Instagram, Valentine Rocky Adlon is known by his handle, @r0ck8t. She is fairly active on the photo-sharing network, with about 39 thousand followers.

Odessa, Rocky Adlon sister, has the handle @bugzbee on Instagram.


The famous child is also active on TikTok under his handle @r0ck8t.

Physical Appearance

Valentine Adlon is a girl with hazel hair, black eyes, a 5’1″ height, and an average weight of 44 kg. The proportions of Rocky Valentine are around 33-30-34. The famous child is only a young lady now, a senior in high school. Rocket Adlon has no social life or romantic interests.

Valentine Rocky Adlon Parents

Her Mother

Valentine Rocky Adlon
Valentine Rocky Adlon

Pamela Adlon is a well-known voice actor, director, producer, actress, and author. Her deep voice for Bobby Hill in the cartoon show “King of the Hill” made her a fan favorite. In 1982, she appeared in her first film, “Grease 2.” Even though she was the daughter of a successful director, writer, and comic book author, the artist had difficulty getting even a small part in a movie in her 20s.

In her long career as a character actor, she worked on the 1996 show Jungle Club, the 1996 show Pajama Sam, the 1997 show 101 Dalmatians, and the 1998 show Jackers! In 2003, he wrote The Adventures of Piggley Winks. In 2006, he wrote Squirrel Boy.

Her Father

Valentine Rocky Adlon
Valentine Rocky Adlon

Felix O. Adlon is well-known in the film industry and is also liked because he used to be married to Pamela Adlon. He is also well-known for making stories for movies that make sense. So, he used different movies like Salmonberries, Mahler on the Couch, Younger and Younger, Eat Your Heart Out, and many others to try out his writing skills.

Felix O. Adlon, an American who writes movie scripts, was born in Germany in 1967. His father and mother were both filmmakers and producers, so he was born into a family of directors. The way his parents raised him was enough to set his goals. The family was strange and always thought there were made-up words for being a director.

Her Father-Mother Relationship

Valentine Rocky Adlon was lucky to have a rich life. On the other hand, he wasn’t so lucky to spend time with his family and get his dad’s love and care. The short story of her father and mother finished in the 2010s.

The story of how her parents met and fell in love began when they were in high school. Pamela Adlon and Felix O. Adlon were friends in school, and when they were young, they went out on dates.

After that, they followed all the rules and got married in 1996. During their 14 years of marriage, the most-watched pair, Rocky Valentine and Gideon Adlon and Odessa Adlon, were blessed with three girls. They also gave their children a great chance to be on TV shows like Girl Meets World, Better Things, Louie, and Criminal Minds.

Valentine Rocky Adlon Net Worth

According to our sources, Valentine Rocky Adlon may have a net worth of $5 million since she contributed her time and talent to TV programs when she was younger.

She lives a wealthy lifestyle in America with her sisters. Rocky Valentine was nurtured by her mother, who gave him a comfortable upbringing. Valentine Adlon is prepared to assist her mother’s company and film production when she is older since her mother has a $16 million net worth.

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What are the names of Pamela Adlon’s daughters?

Gideon Adlon, Valentine Rocky Adlon, and Odessa A’zion are the three daughters of Pamela Adlon.

How old is Odessa Azion?

She was born on June 17, 2000, and as of 2023, she will be 23 years old.


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