What Does Active Today Mean On Instagram? – Easy Explained

What Does Active Today Mean On Instagram
What Does Active Today Mean On Instagram

Read this article to know, What Does Active Today Mean On Instagram? One of the most popular social networking sites today is Instagram. The app’s direct messages and chatting features have been increasingly popular in addition to the standard photo and video-sharing options. However, as most users are unfamiliar with this form of instant messaging, there may be worries about the delivery of the messages and potential reactions.

Instagram uses the users’ activity statuses in light of this. These statuses are in your chat room next to the users’ names.

What Does Active Today Mean On Instagram

What Does Active Today Mean On Instagram
What Does Active Today Mean On Instagram

A user with the active today meaning instagram has not logged on to Instagram for 8 to 24 hours.

For instance, if someone has used Instagram once in the last 24 hours, you can see the status “Active today” alongside their username in your direct message list.

If the user opened Instagram just once in the previous 8 hours, the status would instead show the minutes or hours since they were last active.

The person’s activity status will instead display the minutes or hours they were last active (for example, Active one hour ago) if they happened to open Instagram once in the last eight hours.

Suppose the person you messaged just opened Instagram four hours ago:

  1. Instagram was last opened by your friend four hours ago.
  2. You can check their activity status to discover if you’ve recently sent them a direct message.
  3. Active 4 hours ago” will be displayed as their activity status.

“Active Today” And “Active Now” On Instagram

What Does Active Today Mean On Instagram
What Does Active Today Mean On Instagram

Let’s know, what does active now mean on instagram and active today mean on insta:

A person is “active now” if they have been online within the past five minutes. While “Active today” describes their internet activity during the previous 24 hours.

The period they reflect is the primary distinction between “Active Today” and “Active Now” on Instagram.

The phrase “Active Today” indicates that the person has used Instagram at least once in the previous 24 hours. The app’s direct messages area shows this status next to the user’s name.

The phrase “Active Now” indicates that the user is online and using Instagram. This status is shown next to the user’s name in the direct messages area and on their profile page.

Active today meaning instagram that the user has used Instagram at least once in the last 24 hours, while “Active Now” means that the user is actively using the app.

How to Hide My Activity Status?

You can hide your activity state online so others can’t see it. How to do it.

  • In the top right corner of your profile, three bars show in the top right corner; tab it.
  • Choosing “Settings.”
  • Select “Privacy.”
  • Then click “Activity Status.”
  • Now you can see the “Show Activity Status” option; turn it off.

A crucial point: you cannot observe other people’s activity if you decide not to display your activity status.

Instagram Activity Statuses

There are four activity statuses available on Instagram normally.

  • Active Today: The user was last active 8 to 24 hours ago.
  • Happening Now: Most recently, the user was online for 5 minutes.
  • Active ‘X’ hours/minutes ago: This person has yet to be online in ‘X’ hours or minutes.
  • Active Yesterday: The person was last online 24 to 48 hours ago.

The final status, ‘Active X Hours/Minutes Ago,’ is rather simple. John was most recently online three hours ago if his quality reads “Active 3 Hours Ago.” There’s a catch, though. If John was active for at least five minutes and no more than eight hours, the number of hours or minutes will only be displayed. The status will change to Instagram active today and remain that way for up to 24 hours if the time gap exceeds 8 hours. But what happens after a day?

If John disappears for 24 hours, his status will change to “active yesterday.” It will stay the same for up to 48 hours. No further status will be displayed. Let’s examine the most challenging of the bunch now: the “Active Now” state.


This article fulfills your query, What Does Active Today Mean On Instagram? Instagram will show four different kinds of “active” states. People on your Instagram direct message list who say “Active today” have been online for the last 8 to 24 hours.

You must also be able to talk back and forth with someone in a direct message, and the other person must not have set their status to “private” for you to see their reactivate.


What does “active today” on Instagram mean?

Active today instagram means that the user has not been online for the last 8 to 24 hours. 

Is active today on Instagram accurate?

“Active today” means a user’s recent (8–24 hour) online activity.

What differentiates Instagram’s active now and green dot options?

If someone is “Active Now” with a green dot, they are online, and their Messenger friends can see them. 

How do we know if someone has turned off activity status on Instagram?

If someone has “Active Status” turned off, you won’t be able to see when they were last online.


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