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What Does The Purple Circle Mean On Snapchat
What Does The Purple Circle Mean On Snapchat

What does the Purple Circle mean on Snapchat? You might have seen a purple circle around someone’s profile picture. If you want to know what that purple circle means, read this. Learn everything you need to know about what the purple circle on Snapchat means and why there is one on a Snapchat account in this article.

What Does The Purple Circle Mean On Snapchat?

What Does The Purple Circle Mean On Snapchat
What Does The Purple Circle Mean On Snapchat

Let’s know, What does the purple ring on snapchat mean:

There are different meanings of purple circles on Snapchat based on where they show up in the app. However, one thing that they usually mean is that the user who has the circle around their profile has posted a story.

Around the pictures of friends and people you still need to add will be a purple ring on snapchat. You can see them when you click on the Stories tab.

There will be a purple circle around snapchat story no lock next to it if you have been added to someone’s secret story. This means that the uploader has picked a small group of people, including you, who can see the private story.

Why Is There A Purple Circle Snapchat?

As was already said, the purple ring on Snapchat means stories. You can post any photos or videos you want to your stories for 24 hours. Your friends can see what you’ve added by tapping on the purple ring snapchat around your picture. 

This purple ring snapchat will show you stories that you didn’t know before. That’s why there’s a purple circle around your friend’s picture.

What Does the Purple Circle on Snapchat Quick Adds Mean?

What Does The Purple Circle Mean On Snapchat
What Does The Purple Circle Mean On Snapchat

You’ll note that different color-coded message boxes indicate what to look for when you open the snap when you’re texting friends on Snapchat and viewing your list of contacts. It’s a photograph if it’s red. 

If a video is purple, that is what it is. If something is blue, it is text. For more information on the various colors available on Snapchat, keep reading.

How do they add a purple circle to Snapchat?

There are times when social media sites add new features, like the purple Bitmoji, to make the apps better for users. However, some people need help to use this kind of app, and they have a lot of questions about how useful it is.

Other Features Of Snapchat

WCW mean on Snapchat

If you look through Snapchat stories on a Wednesday, you may have seen a picture of a woman with the words “WCW” written on top of it. This stands for “Woman Crush Wednesday.”

People who follow them often share pictures of women they think are beautiful with their fans. “Sloth Crush Sunday” is the day people share pictures of their favorite sloths, just like “Man Crush Monday” is the day people share pictures of their favorite men.

‘KM’ Mean On Snapchat

It’s “Killing me softly” to use kms in an SMS. But it costs a lot to do nothing about it. You have the option of not taking a chance. Hurt My Style

The song “Kiss Me My Dollar” could be changed to “Kill My Swag.” It’s called irony or “I don’t care about a thing.”

How long do you spend with someone who is always making things worse? It might not feel good. Use the words “KMS” again another time.


What do Snapchat’s story’s purple and blue circles mean?

No secret meaning or anything. Snapchat chose it by design.

What’s the difference between red snap and purple snap?

Red Circular Arrow: Your friend repeated a snap without your audio. Purple circular arrow: Your friend repeated a snap with audio.

How can you know if a Snapchat user is online?

When someone is online and open for conversation, their status is represented by a green icon.

What does the yellow circle mean on Snapchat?

It indicates that a notification has been received, either on a Story that has been uploaded or because the user has received a friend request. 


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