0950 What Network? Check it Globe Or Smart In Philippines

0950 What Network
0950 What Network

0950 What Network? Smart or Globe? Talk n Text is the owner and operator of the 0950 mobile prefix in the Philippines. One of the biggest telecom companies in the Philippines, Talk n Text, is a branch of SMART Communications. Manuel V. Pangilinan serves as the company’s current chairman, while Orlando B. Vea is its current CEO.

0950 What Network Philippines?

0950 What network? The Smart or Talk N Text networks in the Philippines are home to mobile phone numbers that start with +63950 or 0950. Smart Communications’ low-cost mobile service brand is called TNT (Talk N Text). It offers a wide selection of calling, texting, mobile internet, and other value-added services that the majority of customers are likely to utilize.

Is 0950 Globe Or Smart? 

Is it Smart or global? In the Philippines, the Talk ‘N Text network holds the registration for the 0950 prefix. Prefixes are the first four (4) digits of each 11-digit mobile phone number in the Philippines, as was previously indicated. It acts as a network identification number for the user.

Known for its affordable bundles, Talk ‘N Text is a mobile service provided by Smart Communications that primarily serves the requirements of the Filipino people. TNT offers a variety of phone, text, mobile internet, and more value-added services. Other Talk ‘N Text mobile number prefixes can be found here.

How to Purchase Talk and Text Load Online?

Download the COINSPH official APP for Android and iOS users to make an online Talk and Text load purchase.

How to Check Your Talk and Text Load Balance?

Via Mobile Device

  • Use your smartphone to dial 15001 for your mobile device.
  • Additionally, an SMS message with all the details about your current load balance and expiration date will be delivered.

Via TNT Sim Menu

  • In your device, look for the TNT Sim Menu.
  • Research the Balance
  • You will receive an SMS containing all the information about your current load balance.

How do I contact a 0950 network?

Enter 0 and the recipient’s ten (10) digit phone number (for example, 09507654321) to send a message or dial an 0950 network. Replace the “0” with “+63” and the ten (10) digit number after it if you’re calling from outside the Philippines (for example, +639507654321).

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In conclusion, Talk ‘N Text is the owner of the 0950 mobile prefix. You can now keep this information or share it with your family because you know which network this number belongs to. Are additional mobile prefixes and their mobile networks of interest to you?


Is TNT Smart or Globe?

In the Philippines, Smart Communications offers TNT as a mobile service.

How do you know if it’s brilliant or global?

The mobile network, such as Globe or Smart, is determined by the first four numbers of the phone number, 0950.


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