Samsung A14 5g Review | Specs, Features, Buy At Low Price

A14 5g Review
A14 5g Review

Samsung Galaxy A14 5g Review, it establishes an all-new standard for budget-friendly smartphones. It is one of the few phones that support 5G and also has NFC to make contactless payments. Additionally, Samsung offers two years of software updates and five years of security enhancements for the A14; however, most of its competitors offering similar products at the same price offer only one update to the software and three years’ worth of security upgrades. This means that even if it’s affordable, you can keep it for a long time if you want to. Its Galaxy A14 5G is an ideal choice because it has features typically found in higher-end phones.


An affordable smartphone with an impressive display, lots of power and a slim profile are this model: the Samsung Galaxy A14 5G.

Brand Samsung
Display FHD+ LCD Infinity-V, 6.6-inches, 2408×1080 resolution, 90Hz refresh rate
SoC Exynos 1330
Storage 64GB, microSD card extendable to 1TB
Battery 5000mAh
Ports USB-C, 3.5mm audio jack
Front camera 13MP, f/2.0
Rear cameras 2MP macro, 2MP depth, and 50MP f/1.8 with PDAF
Dimensions 6.60×3.07×0.36-inches (167.7x78x9.1 mm )
Color Black
Charging 15W wired
Weight 204g

Design And Screen

A14 5g Review
A14 5g Review

Samsung’s Galaxy A14 5g Review: It is a massive smartphone. The size of its display is 167.7 inches by 78 millimeters, and it comes with a 6.6-inch display affixed to bezels that are particularly large and feature a prominent chin.

  • The plastic design is prone to creaking.
  • rear, with a rough grip
  • A decent 6.6-inch FHD display at 90 Hz

It weighs 202g and has an overall thickness of 9.1mm, an enormous mass quantity. Based on its weight, you could assume that metal was utilized in the phone’s construction; however, it’s a plastic body. Samsung Galaxy A14 5G against the wall

Most of the time, Samsung does excellent plastic work; however, the A14 5G’s weight and feel were sluggish for me. My test device was shaky and began grumbling low toward the right edge. The A14 5G’s rear looks and feels a lot better than the other parts of it. It has a surface composed of massive concentric circles that are closely spaced, at the very least, as per Samsung. The phone has a distinct appearance and also shows it to be incredibly gripping. It also assists in preventing fingerprint marks, which is an attribute that is often highly appreciated.


  • 50MP primary sensor
  • 2MP depth sensor and macro sensors with there is no OIS
  • No, wide-screen

Samsung’s decision to include the 5G camera in Galaxy A14 5g Review; some might even call it absurd. Samsung still needs to back up its wide-format 50MP sensor with an ultra-wide or telephoto lens. That is to say, it’s putting all its eggs in one basket.

Two 2MP sensors, One for depth-assistance photography and the second for macro photography, can be considered as the two additional lenses appearing in the photos. They’re not particularly notable beyond those with the 2MP macro camera, which needs to have the necessary clarity to capture stunning close-ups. In this case, macro photography is an absolute failure.

But Samsung’s gamble may have been worth it. In the least, in good lighting, the primary sensor on the A14 5G can produce acceptable, well-balanced pictures. The detail is sharp, as is the contrast, and exposure generally is good. The portrait mode also performs well in making the subject stand out from the background ocean of bokeh, which is buttery, and skin tones appear beautiful and natural. You can see a few of Samsung’s bright color theory here that favors social media pop over an accurate representation of the situation. The impression, however, is not a significant issue and is reasonable given the audience of casual and young users.

Software And Performance

Performance is often one of the areas in which you’ll be losing money on low-cost phones. It’s the case with Samsung Galaxy A14 in no instance, but it’s so bad as you could be at just $200. This phone has the MediaTek MT6833 Dimensity 700 processor, which is identical to the one found in Samsung Galaxy A13, is the same as that in Samsung Galaxy A13, and 4GB of RAM power the phone. This phone, priced at a bargain, does not have the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, which is a factor in its price tag, but at the cost of performance.

The Samsung Galaxy A14 5g Review, is no exception to the general rule that you’ll sacrifice performance if you purchase an inexpensive phone. However, it’s better than you think at just $200. It’s powered by the same MediaTek MT6833 Dimensity700 CPU that powers the Galaxy A13, with the A13 having 4GB of RAM. In addition, it is not equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor; this phone’s price is the performance cost.

A14 5g Review Battery life

Cheap phones often don’t have performance-related features, and the battery life can last long.. for instance, the Samsung Galaxy A14 is an excellent illustration of this. Even during intensive use and browsing days, I could get to two hours of use on one charge due to the battery’s capacity of 5,000 mAh.

Regular usage for the reviewer includes browsing TikTok, responding to emails, scrolling through Twitter and updating Google Sheets, and scrolling through Instagram, occasionally killing time playing one of those crappy mobile games you’ve seen on targeted ads. Since the device doesn’t have a brick for charging, We were pleased to find that, using this type of use, it could last into the next day without considering a phone charger.

A14 5g Review, That enables 15W cable charging. This is slower than top-of-the-line smartphones but is still acceptable for a budget smartphone. It took over two hours to charge from zero to 1, which is what you would expect from two days of battery.

Pricing and availability

According to A14 5g Review. The cost is one of the most appealing things about Samsung Galaxy A14 5G. Much like many people expect from Samsung, this is undoubtedly one of the top smartphones you can buy for less than $200. It’s also less expensive than its predecessor, which was $250, the Samsung Galaxy A13 5G, released in 2017.

The Samsung Galaxy A14 is only available in the US with 64GB of storage and in Black. The phone is also offered for purchase in Silver, Dark Red, and Light Green in Europe. If you’re trying to locate the phone, you’re in luck, whether you want to purchase it from a service provider or unlock it through your carrier’s network. The A14 is available on all three main US networks besides Best Buy, Amazon, and the Samsung website.

You can buy this from these online stores

Device Name

Online Stores


Samsung A14 5g  Amazon $199.99
Samsung A14 5g  ebay $129.99
Samsung A14 5g  Walmart $179.00

A14 5g Review Pros, Cons


  • 90Hz refresh rate, significant, crisp display
  • Excellent value for the price
  • A fantastic approach to software updates


  • Cameras with depth and macro could be more effective.
  • The phone is hollow because of the low-quality rear.
  • A single loudspeaker can be tedious.

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In this article we describe A14 5g Review, The Galaxy A14 5G is a great phone. Samsung can offer a reliable and economical option but cannot create a product that is superior to its competitors with lower prices.

It’s got a beautiful display, and its rear camera with 50MP and front-facing 13MP camera delivers decent images with excellent lighting. I don’t have to blame the durability that the 5G A14 has as well,


How long does the A14 5G battery last?

After A14 5g Review. The phone has a great battery life and can last for two days on one charge.

How old is the Samsung Galaxy A14 5G?

The Samsung Galaxy A14 5G was released on “January 12, 2023”.

Is the Samsung A14 worth it?

It’s not, but it’s $200 and is among the few affordable phones.

Is the Samsung A14 a 5G phone?

One of the cheapest phones that can support 5G connectivity and NFC for contactless payment.


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