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AppLab games
AppLab games

On February 20, 2021, Facebook announced the release of a software called Software Lab. This app would make it simple for users to install content in their Oculus Quest that is not store-exclusive. Please learn how to use applab db by reading up on it and learning more about its functionality. Consider looking at our suggestions for the best AppLab games available as of the time this article was written.

Most Popular Quest Applab Games

AppLab games
AppLab games

AppLab Oculus is more likely that users will download a title with more reviews than it is that users would download a title with fewer reviews; however, there is a possibility of error (apps with fewer than 50 reviews are removed). The amount of ratings provides a rough idea of the app’s overall popularity among users.

Rank Name Number of Ratings (rating)
1 Gorilla Tag 43,298 (4.7)
2 Pavlov Shack Beta 8,337 (4.3)
3 Sport Mode 5,347 (4.7)
4 Blacktop Hoops – VR Basketball 3,213 (4.8)
5 Battle Talent 2,430 (4.6)
6 GRAB 1,434 (4.8)
7 Monkey Mischief 1,371 (3.2)
8 Frenzy VR 1,147 (4.1)
9 Brisk Square – Early Access 720 (4.8)
10 We Are One Demo 699 (4.9)

Best Rated Quest AppLab Games

The aggregate user ratings, which are used to determine an app’s overall rating (apps with fewer than 50 reviews are excluded from the calculation), can provide insight into how the general population feels about the game they are currently engaging in.

Rank Name Rating (# of ratings)
1 Facing 5.0 (79)
2 Squingle 4.9 (54)
3 We Are One Demo 4.9 (699)
4 PUNCH FIT 4.9 (52)
5 Hitstream 4.9 (85)
6 Into the Metaverse 4.9 (82)
7 Luna: Episode 1 – Left Behind (DEMO) 4.8 (116)
8 Dragon Fist: VR Kung Fu 4.8 (84)
9 Brisk Square 4.8 (189)
10 BoomBox 4.8 (65)

Adding App Lab Content To Your Library

AppLab games
AppLab games

When you have an Applab.db URL in place, you can use the blue button in your browser or on the Oculus app to purchase content or add it to your library like with any other Oculus Store application.

 This button is also available on the Oculus app. It will now be stored in your library, and you will be able to download it at a later time.

How To Installing Applab Games

You can manually begin the installation within the headset or use the Oculus app to hold for the addition of AppLab games for your Quest. Both options are available from Oculus.

  • Find the items that belong to the AppLab.db in the library section of the Oculus app. 
  • You can choose it by clicking the “Install on Headset” button and then the “Play Later” button, as seen below. 
  • Choose the earpieces that correspond with the headset that you want to use.

How App Lab Works

Like other platforms, the Oculus Store is an online storefront that customers can investigate and navigate while remaining in the same location. You’ll find access to the complete assortment of Meta-approved content within the Oculus Store. You may access the Oculus Store from a single site whether you are connected to the internet, using your mobile device, or wearing a headset.

This is different from how the AppLab games works, and no official list includes all the applications available through the app labquest 2. Even though App Lab functions as a platform that enables developers to supply consumers with content that those customers can download, there is yet to be an official means to access a database containing all of the materials associated with App Lab in a single spot.

Other Games Like AppLab games


The Oculus app labquest 2 is an incredible effort allowing developers to demonstrate their innovative capabilities through virtual reality. Recent changes by Oculus have simplified the process of sideloading by doing away with the requirement that third-party developers create an account to access non-store content. 

If you have Oculus Quest or a smartphone compatible with Oculus Quest, we have included some of the greatest Applab Games in this article that you need to try, listed below. App Lab provides customers access to a wide variety of free demonstrations and pre-releases that are exciting and will help users save money in the long run. In addition, the Quest App Lab platform contributes to the growth of the VR developers, which in turn benefits the customers of the VR network.


How do I find games on Apple?

You’ll need SideQuest to obtain the app lab oculus. You can install SideQuest on your PC or access it online using a browser.

How to install App Lab oculus Quest 2?

Activate the Oculus mobile app. From your library, choose the book icon. Choose “App Lab,” the App Lab game you just downloaded. Then select “Install on Headset.”

Is App Lab on Oculus Quest 2 free?

Applications from quest App Lab can be downloaded for free or for a fee and offer several straightforward installation options.

Are Applab games free?

All of the Applab Games are indeed available at no cost.


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