Ryan Cartagena | Biography, Facts, Net Worth (Fat Joe Son)

Ryan Cartagena
Ryan Cartagena

Today’s talk will centre on Ryan Cartagena. If you want to learn more about Ryan Cartagena’s background and family, you’ve come to the perfect spot. Fat Joe, a millionaire rapper and hip-hop musician from New York, has always wished for his kid to continue the family tradition.

I indeed want my child to grow up to be just like me, I said in an interview with ThisIs50 Magazine. He continued by expressing his delight when other children who are sure we are famous contact their teachers or parents after school to inquire about what it is like to be recognised.

Who is Ryan Cartagena

He is a popular celebrity born in 1995 to a famous family of stars. But, despite using the nickname of Fat Joe, his father, Joseph Antonio Cartagena, is very well-known. His father is an acclaimed American musician famous for his numerous tracks, such as What’s Luv Up and Lean Back.

The mother of Ryan, Lorena Cartagena, is famous as the wife of well-known American singer Fat Joe da Gangsta. In addition, his mother is a model. Alongside this, he has a great-grandparent known as Marie Cartagena and a sibling named Joey Cartagena.

Ryan Cartagena mother’s name and the Behind story

Ryan Cartagena
Ryan Cartagena

Although Fat Joe’s mother’s identity hasn’t been made public, he shared some information about his private life in an interview. He called Lorena “my wife” and said they were married when he was just 19 years old. He also referred to the infant Ryan, whom he claimed to be the son of their family (and who was born at the same time).

Even though Ryan Cartagena was Lorena Cartagena’s child and her daughter, they weren’t yet dating when the child was born. Similarly, Ryan is descended from Marie Cartagena and Ernesto Delgado, who, at least in tradition, are his maternal line’s deceased grandparents.

Four days before Chris’s birth, Ryan’s parents informed acquaintances that there were no indications of the upcoming events. Abraham Lincoln was offered as an example of a figure whose qualities may be noticed in any “promising” while looking at images when asked whether their new child was similar to great or influential persons.

Early Life Of Ryan Cartagena

The United States of America was the location of his birth and the country where he was reared. If rumors are to be believed, it is the United States of America. He became familiar with his sister, Joey Cartagena while growing up in a prominent celebrity household alongside his parents and grandparents. Please keep reading to learn more about his biography, and then scroll down further on this page to find more information on Ryan Cartagena.

Real Name Ryan Cartagena
Nick Name Ryan
Date of Birth 1995
Ryan Cartagena Age 28 years
Birthday place United States
Father Fat Joe
Mother Lorena Cartagena
Brother Joey Cartagena
Instagram @rysofocused
Net Worth (approx.) $22 million (as of 2023)

Ryan Cartagena siblings

Ryan Cartagena
Ryan Cartagena

Fat Joe is one of the most famous figures in the world of music. Before having a conversation with Jennifer Lopez at a party, Fat Joe was once a rapper who hopped around a lot and was a pleasure to be with, but not many other things were happening. When they tied the knot three years ago, she became his third spouse, and it’s evident how happy the couple is because their children, including those born through previous marriages (or marriages), appear to be loved and adored by their respective parents.

His first half-brother, Ryan’s son, was Joey Cartagena, his oldest child. Joey was born in December 1992 and was diagnosed immediately with autism due to the mental disorder-like traits that affected his capacity to interact and communicate with others during his development. Despite his diagnosis, he continued to work for his parents’ business, running the construction company. Azariah, another daughter of Joseph’s long-running union (to Lorena), is under his.

Personal Life & Relationships

Joey Cartagena is an excellent twin brother who shares his body with him. Ryan and Joey have a solid relationship. Ryan takes pleasure in the attention his contemporaries pay him because he is the father of the famous American vocalist Fat Joe.

Fat Joe was only 19 when he tied the knot with Lorena Cartagena, who was also his mother and father. Ryan’s parents count on him as a reliable buddy. Come back on our site if you want to know biography and net worth of other celebrities such as, Wendy Williams, Young Thug Net Worth and kenzie love.

There is not a lot of information available on his current relationship, but during his life, he has had more than two partners at most minuscule. He enjoys being by himself in his own company.

Ryan Lewis net worth

The money possessed by Ryan Lewis is discussed in the final section of Ryan Cartagena. Ryan Lewis is a musician, producer, and DJ from the United States, and his net worth is now estimated to be $22 million. The vocalist was LMNO’s initial lead singer until they parted ways. He changed his stage name to Snails because he believed it more accurately reflected the state of the music landscape in 2012, marked by the release of a wide array of new songs.

In May 2017, Major Lazer’s label Mad Decent released two songs by Ryan Cartagena; Sony Music UK will release the same tunes later this year!


Who is Ryan Cartagena mother?

Lorena Cartagena is Ryan Cartagena’s mother. Cartagena is a surname.

What shows are Ryan Cartagena in?

Unsung (2008), French Montana: What It Look Like (2019), and Growing Up Hip Hop: New York (2019) are some of the other films that Ryan Cartagena is known for.


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