How To Delete An Old Twitter Account You Cannot Access | Easy Guide

Let’s know How To Delete An Old Twitter Account You Cannot Access. The report can be permanently deleted if your previous Twitter account has been canceled. Sometimes, removing a charge not being used to facilitate your followers is necessary to make it easier for them.

You can contact Twitter to get help if you need to remove your account after you’ve forgotten your password. Alternatively, you could reset the password to accomplish the task yourself. You can contact Twitter support staff from your different Twitter accounts and request the deletion of your previous version.

Why Need to Delete an Old Twitter Account?

It is possible that you no longer need it because of the following reasons.

  • A brand new Twitter account has been created to serve you.
  • It is necessary to erase the old version because it holds sensitive information.
  • Twitter has blocked Access to this account.
  • The account’s original holder has died.

Methods for Deleting a Dormant Twitter Account

How To Delete An Old Twitter Account You Cannot Access
How To Delete An Old Twitter Account You Cannot Access

Method 1:How to delete twitter account without password

You can remove your account once you have successfully retrieved your Twitter password via Twitter’s support team.

  • The following steps will allow you to reset your password if you’ve lost it.
  • On the page for login, there’s on the login page a “forget your password” link.
  • Include your contact details (email, phone number (or username). If you have multiple accounts using the same number, you should not use that number.
  • Enter your email address to which you’d prefer to receive the link to reset your password.
  • Check your email. Twitter will mail you an email detailing a valid promo code within 60 minutes.
  • If you want to change the password for your account, visit the page for password reset and enter the code on the page.
  • Pick a different password.

If you know the password to your Twitter login details, you may end your account anytime.

How to Delete an Old Twitter Account You Cannot Access

How To Delete An Old Twitter Account You Cannot Access
How To Delete An Old Twitter Account You Cannot Access

Method 2: You are unable to contact anyone through phone or email.

Okay, let’s get to the procedure that will allow you to end your Twitter subscription, even if you’ve been unable to access your email address or telephone number. Then, the small print:

  • Visit the Twitter FAQ page for official Twitter information.
  • The One must go to “I do not have access to my email address or phone number for my account” and select that option.
  • Select between erasing a private or business account by selecting the drop-down menu.
  • Suppose the former account owner can access Twitter or pass or die. In that case, you’ll need to select the appropriate box that indicates that the account’s previous owner is disabled or dead. Be aware that Twitter may require additional evidence, like death certificates or any other evidence, to prove your authority to represent the deceased or the estate of the dead.
  • To deactivate the Twitter account, enter the user’s name and email address that is associated with it.
  • Complete the form to remove your data.
  • Please explain in detail why you can’t log in to your Twitter account and your email address and phone number. It’s possible to skip this If you’d like.
  • After that, press the “Submit” option to mail off your deletion request.

Twitter might require additional information and an ID photo to confirm your identity. Send an email asking for this service. Twitter will give you further guidelines for closing your account after it has received the data mentioned above and confirmed that you have the necessary authorizations for closing your account. The process should take several days.

Will Twitter ever delete Inactive accounts?

Twitter strongly suggests users frequently log in to ensure their accounts are not removed due to inactivity. If users last logged in for longer than a year, they will see their accounts removed in minutes.

This is why it’s essential to examine the status of your Twitter account at least every six months to be sure it’s kept from being shut down. Twitter can locate your account because it knows the login details you provide. If you log in to your account often, it won’t be necessary to delete it completely. If you’re looking for more information, check our site. Facebook Two-Factor Authentication bypasses Instagram unfollow confirmation and Snapchat birthday-related access, among others.

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In this article we tell you an easy way, how to delete an old twitter account you cannot access.

The process of deactivating your Twitter account, as well as regaining access to an account you already have, is covered in this tutorial.


How to delete  twitter account without login?

We are unable to deactivate the account on your behalf unless you are able to contact us from the confirmed email address (or unless you have access to the verified mobile number that is associated with the account).

How to delete twitter account without logging in?

  • You will be prompted to choose between deactivating your personal account or an account associated with your company.
  • If you have access to a valid email address, please use that one.
  • In the “Describe” area, insert the specifics of your current predicament. Inform X of the reason why you are unable to access your phone number or email address anymore.

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