Lawrence Taylor Net Worth | Career, Income & Legal Issues

Lawrence Taylor Net Worth
Lawrence Taylor Net Worth

Lawrence Taylor Net Worth estimated in 2023 is $2 million.

Lawrence Taylor Net Worth $2 million
Real Name Lawrence Julius Taylor
Date of Birth February 4, 1959
Birth Place Williamsburg, VA
Profession Football player
Age 62 Years Old
Nationality American

Lawrence Taylor Net Worth 2023

Lawrence Taylor Net Worth
Lawrence Taylor Net Worth

Let’s know How much is Lawrence Taylor worth:

The retired American professional football player Lawrence Taylor’s net worth is $2 million. Throughout his career, Lawrence Taylor, also known as “L.T.,” built a reputation for himself as the most outstanding defensive player in history. His reputation was tarnished off the field by years of drug abuse and legal troubles.

How much does Lawrence Taylor make annually?

During the peak of his success, Lawrence Taylor salary was $1 million.

Lawrence Taylor Net Worth Growth

Lawrence Taylor’s Net Worth 2023 $2 million
Lawrence Taylor Net Worth 2022 $1.5 million
Lawrence Taylor Net Worth 2021 $1 million
Lawrence Taylor’s Net Worth 2019 $800k
Lawrence Taylor Net Worth 2018 $700k
Lawrence Taylor’s Net Worth 2017 $600k
lt Net Worth $500k
Lawrence Taylor Net Worth 2015 $500k

Lawrence Taylor Career Earnings

Lawrence Taylor Net Worth
Lawrence Taylor Net Worth

Lawrence Taylor’s career got off to a strong start in 1981. He became a member of the New York Giants this year. His defensive skills quickly led to him being selected as a linebacker. Later on, he chose the 56th jersey. It was his idol’s jersey number as well. He also desired the same jersey number for this reason. He was also known as “Superman” because of his strength and quickness of leaping and running.

Early Life

On February 4, 1959, Lawrence Taylor was born in Williamsburg, Virginia. Growing up with two brothers, baseball piqued his childhood curiosity. Taylor started playing organized football in grade 11, and unlike many other future football stars, he wasn’t drafted by any colleges after graduating.

When he enrolled at the University of North Carolina, he quickly put his skills to good use by rising to the position of captain on the football team. Lawrence, who moved to linebacker, finished his career at North Carolina with 16 sacks. He broke several defensive records before he left the institution.

Drug Use

It came to light following his retirement that Taylor had abused drugs for most of his NFL career. Using the urine samples of his teammates instead of his own, he tricked drug inspectors. According to his wife, she was once made to pick up L.T. from a crack home. But he gave up using drugs entirely until he retired in 1988, the year he failed his second drug test.

Everything truly started to go wrong for Taylor after he stopped playing football since that was the only thing keeping him from consuming narcotics. He was repeatedly admitted to a rehab facility in 1995. He attempted to purchase cocaine from undercover police agents again in the ensuing years, which resulted in his arrests both times.

Legal Issues

Following several car-related mishaps, Lawrence found himself in significant legal trouble after being detained for having sex with a 16-year-old female. In 2011, Taylor entered a guilty plea to charges of statutory rape and patronizing a prostitute, both third-degree felonies. As a condition of the plea deal, he agreed to six years of probation and had to register as a sexual offender.

Lawrence Taylor Wife

On June 19, 1982, he was married to Deborah Belinda Cooley. With her, he has three children. Following that, on November 28, 2001, he wed Maritza Cruz; nevertheless, the couple later divorced. Later, in July 2007, he married Lynette Rose Gordon.

Lawrence Taylor House And Resident

He bought this opulent home in February of 2001. Documents indicate that it measures roughly 6134 square feet. There are four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and all the necessities throughout the house. And Williamsburg, Virginia, is where his home is located.

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Why did Lawrence Taylor retirement from football?

Lawrence Taylor gave up playing football because he could not fully recover from an Achilles tendon rupture.

When did Lawrence Taylor retire?

1994 saw Lawrence Taylor’s retirement.

How much did Lawerance Taylor weigh?

Lawrence Taylor has a 109 kg weight and 1.9 m is Lawrence Taylor height.

What does Lawrence Taylor do for a living?

He is a former American football Player.

Is Lawrence Taylor still alive?

Yes, Lawrence Taylor is still alive and lives in the United State Of America.

Where is Lawrence Taylor from?

He is from Williamsburg, Virginia, United States.


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