Terry Flenory Net Worth | Career, Income Growth (B.M.F)

As Of 2023, Terry Flenory Net Worth is around $50 million:
Terry Flenory Net Worth $50 million
Full Name Terry P. O. Lee Flenory
Profession Drug trafficker, investor, entrepreneur
Gender Male
Birth Date January 10, 1970
Terry Lee Flenory Age 52 years
Birth Place Detroit, Michigan, USA
Wife Tonesa Welch
Father Charles Flenory
Mother Shelly Meech (Lucille)
Brother Demetrius Flenory
Nationality American

Terry Lee Flenory Net Worth 2023

Terry Flenory Net Worth
Terry Flenory Net Worth

Terry Flenory was a famous drug baron who amassed enormous wealth through his illegal drug trafficking and money laundering enterprises. Terry Flenory Net Worth is believed to be $50 million. In addition, he made investments in jewelry, real estate, entertainment, and apparel lines.

Terry Flenory and his brother operated a drug trafficking business that brought in more than $270 million in revenue. He bought a $3 million estate in Los Angeles and possessed multiple exotic vehicles.

The report stated that his jewelry was valued at more than $5 million when the authorities took it. The entire amount of the assets taken was $21 million at the time of the arrest.

Terry Flenory Net Worth Growth

Terry Flenory Net Worth 2023 $50 million
Terry Flenory Net Worth 2022 $45 million
Terry Flenory Net Worth 2021 $40 million
Terry Flenory Net Worth 2020 $35 million
Terry Flenory Net Worth 2019 $30 million
Terry Flenory Net Worth 2018 $25 million
Big Meech Brother Terry Net Worth 2017 $20 million
Terry Lee Flenory Net Worth 2016 $15 million

Terry Lee Flenory Career 

After a career as an investor and businessman, we learned that Terry Lee Flenory and his brother Big Meech started the famous illegal drug trafficking operation after Flenory graduated from college. 

Speaking of illicit drugs and drug trafficking, Terry Lee and his brother Demetrius Flenory made an essential amount of money running a cash-laundering business. This group was dubbed “Black Mafia Family (B.M.F.)” by the twosome. 

When Terry Lee Flenory and his brother Demetrius Flenory were still in high school, they began the cocaine trade by selling $50 worth of cocaine on the streets of Detroit in the 1980s. They did this through corporations and underground activities. 

In 1989, they founded “Black Mafia Family (B.M.F.) Entertainment.” Owing to the way the industry operated at the time, articles concerning their drug trafficking capers were published in numerous newspapers, including S.M.A.C.K

Drug Bust

Due to an ongoing conflict between the brothers, Terry Flenory permanently left Atlanta. He relocated to California, where he successfully expanded BMF’s operations. For the brothers, the split was the apex of their business and ended up being a blessing in disguise.

To identify the underlying causes of the drug empire, the DEA began making arrests in 2003 after noticing a trend in BMF operations. Thanks to testimony and some of the most extensive drug raids the nation had ever observed, they were eventually able to link the brothers to this.

The BMF members were discovered to own more than 100 kilograms of cocaine, according to the DEA’s statement, and they have been charged accordingly. Arrest warrants had been issued for the alleged BMF members and indictments for those who had left the country by the courts.

Terry Flenory and his brother were arrested and sentenced to serve a minimum of 2032 in jail for these offenses. Terry was granted permission to undergo house arrest throughout the COVID-19 outbreak.

BMF Series

The BMF had become so well-known in the US that interest in what had genuinely transpired behind closed doors arose with the fall of their empire. Based on the actual events of Terry Flenory and associates, the TV series Black Mafia Family, directed by Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, debuted on STARZ in 2021.

This show supports our earlier assertion about Terry Flenory’s net worth by showcasing his lifestyle and a few of his valuables. It’s poetic in and of itself that Big Meech’s son, Demetrius Flenory Jr., took up the role.

Terry Lee Flenory Biography 

Terry Lee Flenory, a well-known American businessman and entrepreneur particularly well-known for being Big Meech’s brother, was born in his native United States on January 10, 1972

Born in Detroit, Michigan, in the United States, Terry Lee Flenory—also known as Terry Flenory—was raised there. His childhood was worthwhile because he was reared there by his parents and brother.

What is Terry Lee Flenory doing now?

Currently residing in Detroit, Michigan, USA, Terry Lee Flenory is serving the remaining portion of his sentence under house arrest while donning an ankle monitor.

In addition, he is currently writing a book that explores his life story and the BMF legend.

Apart from his writing endeavors, Flenory is involved in a court case involving rapper 50 Cent.

Terry Flenory claims that 50 Cent did not have the right to use his name and likeness in the television series based on the BMF story. The argument stems from the rapper’s creation of the show.

Personal Life

Terry Flenory Net Worth
Terry Flenory Net Worth

In addition to dating many attractive ladies, Terry Lee Flenory has relationships with many female business executives and Tonesa Welch, the First Lady of the Black Mafia Family. These two were also in a romantic relationship. Material about Terry’s kids is also being looked into; his son is Demetrius Flenory Jr.

Interesting Facts

  • Terry Flenory oversaw the drug trade and founded the infamous Black Mafia Family organization. They also created a variety of illicit cases about coffee and drug sales. Moreover, Terry supposedly passed away following a police officer’s shot. Furthermore, since Terry Lee Flenory’s family has not released any information, it is said that he is still alive.
  • The well-known Hollywood actor “Da Vinchi” played Terry Lee Flenory in a series. The Flenory brothers dubbed the television show Black Mafia Family in 2001.
  • People throughout the world hold Terry Lee, the violent and busy leader of the Black Mafia group, in high regard. Furthermore, Terry, the man behind the Black Mafia Family, had an impressive following on social media. He had 193,000 Instagram followers as well.
  • Terry Lee developed several brands and pushed them on social media. The most well-known brand, “Southwest Black Magic,” is also owned by Terry.
  • Terry Lee, the cigarette specialist who collaborated with the top rappers and singers, became extremely well-known thanks to his fan base.


Terry Flenory Net Worth was previously discussed at $50 million. Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory’s younger brother, Terry Lee Flenory, was a founding member of the infamous Black Mafia Family (BMF).


What is Terry Lee Flenory doing now?

Currently residing in Detroit, Michigan, USA, Terry Lee Flenory is serving the remaining portion of his sentence under house arrest while donning an ankle monitor.

How old is Terry Flenory?

The age of Terry Flenory is 53.

How old is Flenory jr?

The age of Flenory Jr. is 23.

Where does Demetrius Flenory Jr live?

Demetrius Flenory Jr lives in Miami, Florida, U.S.

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