Vanda Smrkovski | What Happened To Smrkovski Sisters (Hotel Hell)

Vanda Smrkovski
Vanda Smrkovski

In a thrilling episode in the drama series “Hotel Hell,” world-famous chef Gordon Ramsay visits the Calumet Inn in Pipestone, Minnesota. Two sisters, Rina and Vanda Smrkovski, run this historic hotel with a storied history, which Ramsay examines to shed insight into the rise and fall.

Who is Vanda Smrkovski

Vanda Smrkovski
Vanda Smrkovski

In the wake of their constitutional rights to condemn the hotel at Calumet in 2020, Tammy Grubbs, Vanda Smrkovski, Heliocentrix LLC, and reVamped LLC have sued the city of Pipestone as well as Building and Zoning Official Doug Fortune.

Grubbs as well as Smrkovski argued in a lawsuit which was brought on the 10th day of November in U.S. District Court that the city and Fortune did not comply with their due process rights by the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and their rights to use and control the Calumet Inn as per the Fifth Amendment. Grubbs, together with Smrkovski, have asked for the judge to grant more than $75,000 for damages in addition to attorney’s costs, expenses of litigation, and any other remedies or expenses that may be given.

Rina And Vanda Smrkovski

Vanda Smrkovski
Vanda Smrkovski

In a sudden twist, Rina has left temporarily and left vanda hotel hell as the sole administrator. With a relaxed attitude and a keen eye on the main point, Vanda Smrkovski typically starts work at 3 p.m. The sisters are confident of their ability to manage despite their lack of previous knowledge of the hospitality industry.

Mandy Thompson, the general manager, is dismissed due to her conviction. This adds fuel to the fire. Their parents are on the scene and do what they can to keep the business operating. Mother Rita works tirelessly for the cause all week despite a nagging desire for Minneapolis.

If Ramsay is in his hotel room, he discovers dark hallways rather than the typical warm welcome. A meeting with Mandy, the only remaining employee, makes him realize the dire situation of the workforce. When we finally meet Rina and Vanda, We learn that they are not happy with the work of Mandy, and their managerial decisions have resulted in their parents becoming involved to ensure the company’s existence.

Vanda Hotel Hell

  • Calumet Inn is located in Pipestone, Minnesota, and Gordon Ramsay travels there in this episode of Hotel Hell.
  • Rina and Vanda Smrkovski, twins, manage the historic Calumet Inn.
  • Following”Peace Pipe,” the Native American phrase for “Peace pipe,” the Calumet Inn was founded in 1887.
  • Jim Smrkovski Sr. bought the family motel.
  • After six weeks working in the hotel, Rina realized it was too much, and she moved to Minneapolis and stayed there for a further three months before relocating back.
  • Rina was out of town and left her older sister Vanda Smrkovski to run the hotel.
  • She doesn’t believe that the staff are only there for the money, and she rarely goes to bed after 3 p.m.
  • Vanda hotel hell and Rina are self-professed experts in hospitality, even though they’ve never been in the business before.
  • They have removed Mandy Thompson, the general manager, from all management duties.

Smrkovski Sisters (Hotel Hell)

Vanda Smrkovski
Vanda Smrkovski

As with most of you, I love watching the episodes of Kitchen Nightmares and Hotel Hell. Reviews of their hotel or restaurant and whether or not they’re still operating are some of my first questions after watching the show.

After watching The Hotel Hell episode centered around the Calumet Inn, I did as I do all the time and researched the situation there.

I was searching for more details on this subject and came across this post. Vanda Smrkovski and Rina Smrkovski, sisters who run this motel, are reported missing. They appeared to have disappeared following their return from a woodland excursion.

I’m skeptical and wanted to believe that other show fans might have seen or heard some information about this.

What Happened To Rina And Vanda Smrkovski

Let’s know what happened to Rina and Vanda Smrkovski:

TripAdvisor feedback has improved since Ramsay’s intervention, but Yelp reviews have been declining because of changes in ownership. As of 2015, Rina and Vanda Smrkovski sold the hotel to Texans, and after a tumultuous period of ownership changes, Tammy Grubbs eventually acquired it.

Because of violations of fire regulations, the city demolished the establishment in March 2020. However, under Grubbs’s instructions, the inn has been repaired and declared to be condemned in April. Grubbs and the council of municipal officials maintain tensions because of their disagreements.

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Calumet Inn Is Closed

In direct response to the shutdown that preceded it as a direct result of the shutdown, they ceased business in May 2022.

The episode, titled “Calumet Inn,” was shown on August 18, 2014; it was recorded in May 2013 and was five of Hotel Hell season 2.


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