How To Change The Code On A Schlage Lock | Complete Guide

How To Change The Code On A Schlage Lock
How To Change The Code On A Schlage Lock

Do you want to know How To Change The Code On A Schlage Lock? To open the door, simultaneously press the Schlage button and number 1. The door will make three sounds, and the Schlage button will flash. When it’s done, you can use the most recent code. Watch for the switch to stop making noise and flashing. Type the new code again.

If you need help schlage lock change code door, here’s what you need to do. If you follow these directions strictly, you should be able to finish this course in less than five minutes.

Two Types of Schlage Keypad Codes

How To Change The Code On A Schlage Lock
How To Change The Code On A Schlage Lock

Before Schlage keypad lock change code, you need to know the difference between the six-digit programming code and the four-digit user code.

Programming Code: 6-Digits

The programming code is a six-digit code used to program the lock but not unlock it. To program the lock, you must know this code.

The default programming code is listed in the User Manual or on a yellow label on the back of the keypad (you must remove the keypad from the door to find it).

If you need clarification about your programming code or help to reset schlage lock code, I recommend reading my detailed article on schlage change code without the programming code.

User Codes: 4-Digits

A four-digit user password is used to unlock the door. The default user codes can be located in the User Manual or on the back of the keypad.

Up to 19 4-digit user codes, including primary entry and visitor codes, can be stored! The first four digits of this code cannot match the first four digits of the original code.

How To Change The Code On A Schlage Lock

Follow these instructions if your query is How To Change The Code On A Schlage Lock, to change the default 4-digit and 6-digit security codes on the Schlage lock.

Step 1: Find your programming code

If your lock is new, you will locate the original code for programming in your manual or on the exterior of the keypad (which will require you to remove keys from doors). If the lock is used, or you’ve forgotten your previous entry code, it is necessary to reset the keypad back to the default setting (click below to jump to this section).

Step 2: Enter your programming code

On the keypad, enter the six-digit code. On the other hand, press and hold your Schlage button. A Schlage button will sound three times, then flash orange three times.

Step 3: At the same time, press a Schlage and digit 1 buttons

  • To modify or add an entry code, simultaneously press the “Schlage” button and the numeral “1” button.
  • Three times to wait until you hear to hit the “Schlage” button to sound and flash.

Step 4: Enter your new entry code

  • On the keypad, you type your new user number.
  • It must be a unique code not used as an admission or primary code. Also, it cannot be your code’s initial four numbers.

Step 5: Enter your new 4-digit admission code once more

  • To verify the change, type in the same four-digit code to confirm the change.
  • To signal successful reprogramming to indicate successful reprogramming, the “Schlage” button turns green and makes a long beep.

How to Add  4 Digit User Code to a Schlage Lock (Guest Code)

How To Change The Code On A Schlage Lock
How To Change The Code On A Schlage Lock

Keypad locks from Schlage allow users to save up to 19 user codes, which you can share with friends, family members, neighbors, or friends. Guest codes are beneficial because they permit you to create temporary regulations that can be removed easily.

Follow the steps below to add more 4-digit user codes!

Step 1: Enter your six-digit programming code

  • Enter your 6-digit code in the keypad.
  • Its Schlage button is flashing an orange three times before ringing three times.

Step 2: Click a Schlage button, or then press the number 1

  • Then, in the assembly of keys, hit the Schlage button and then the 1.
  • A Schlage button will blink orange three times before emitting three lock sounds.

Step 3: Enter your new 4-digit code

In the Keypad, type your four-digit admission number.

This unique code isn’t currently being used as an admission or primary code. Also, it cannot be the initial four numbers.

Step 4: Confirm your 4-digit code

  • You must enter your new code one more time to verify it. If everything works as expected, then the Schlage button will blink green. It will then sound a long beep that confirms the new code. To verify that everything is working, then run the code!
  • Repeat the previous steps to add additional codes. A maximum of 19 user codes can be saved inside keyless Schlage keys!

How to Remove Each User Code From A Schlage Door Lock

How To Change The Code On A Schlage Lock
How To Change The Code On A Schlage Lock

To eliminate all four-digit user IDs, follow the steps below.

  1. Write your code of programming here.
  2. Click to activate the Schlage button and then the number 6.
  3. Enter your code of programming again.

If everything has been appropriately done If everything is done correctly, the Schlage button will turn green and sound a beep to confirm deletion.

Tips for protection your home with a new Schlage Smart lock code

1- Change your code regularly

Change the code on your Schlage smart lock at least once a year. Changing the code once a year is an excellent idea to ensure that only authorized people can enter your home. You should also change the factory code on your deadbolt.

2- Instead of using your birthday or address, use strong codes

Creating a guest code is a very secure measure. A key feature of guest codes is creating temporary visitor codes that may be deleted with no trace. Access codes can be used to track the entry of guests into your property as well as the length of time they are allowed to stay.

3- Keep your essential entrance codes to yourself

Using your primary password for your new 4-digit user number is not advisable. Sharing your main access number with anyone outside may put your home at risk of burglary or crime. Never give out your password to anyone. Innovative deadbolt code management will be simple with the mobile app.

4- Remove guest codes once they are no longer needed

When a guest’s code no longer provides its purpose, it must be removed from the keyboard. That is, the code will never be applied again.

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In this article we describe, How To Change The Code On A Schlage Lock. The Schlage lock is a simple and effective solution to secure your house.

Changing the 4-digit code on the keypad regularly is one of the most crucial actions you can take while safeguarding your home with a schlage lock change code.

If an intruder obtains access to your code, they may be able to break in easily! To circumvent this issue, change your code once a year and use a guest code when necessary.

Following these suggestions, you can keep your house safe from burglars and intruders.

Thanks for reading!


How do I change the 4 digit user code on my Schlage Locks?

  • Enter the six-digit code shown on your screen. The keypad will prompt you to input the 6-digit code.
  • First, to unlock the door, hit the Schlage button, then the 1.
  • Replace the existing code with the new code.
  • Then, confirm your 4-digit number.

How to change code on schlage lock?

  • Find the code you need. 
  • Type in the code you were given. 
  • Press the “Schlage” and “1” buttons at the same time. 
  • Enter the new access code. 
  • To confirm, enter your 4-digit code again.


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