Jayda Wayda | Personal Info, Career, Facts & Net Worth

Jayda Wayda
Jayda Wayda

Jayda Wayda is a well-known fashion model, businesswoman, and social media star. She started the renowned apparel company “Waydamin” in 2021, calling herself its founder. It’s interesting that she also wrote “The Young Boss Blueprint.” 

She is well-known in the industry for being the girlfriend of famous rapper Lil Baby, but she is much more than that.

Who is Jayda Wayda?

Located in the US, Jayda Wayda is a well-known YouTuber, entrepreneur, and social media personality. The impact that Jayda, a young businesswoman, has gained online has helped her grow tremendously. For a very long period, she went by Jayda Cheaves. When she was younger, people referred to her as Jayda Chaves.

Personal Info

Full Name Jayda Cheaves
Jayda Wayda Birthday 25 September 1997
Jayda Wayda Age  25 Years
Nationality American
Education High School Graduation
Zodiac Sign Libra
Religion Christianity
Profession Modeling, Entrepreneur, Social Media Star And YouTuber
Boyfriend Lil Baby 
Children Loyal Armani
Net Worth  $4 million US

Early Life And Education

Jayda Wayda
Jayda Wayda

Born on September 25, 1997, Jayda Cheaves, also known as Jayda Wayda, was raised in this world. She turned 26 in September, making her current age.

American citizen Jayda Wayda Braids Cheaves is originally from Atlanta, Georgia.

TheCityCeleb does not currently have any reliable information about the parents of Jayda Wayd Cheaves or her siblings. Furthermore, only a little is known about her early years.

She attended Windsor Woods Secondary School for her high school career, and it’s said that she significantly influenced many of her classmates. TheCityCeleb still needs to confirm where the well-known model obtained her postsecondary education, even though the stunning model is highly wise and intelligent.

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Jayda Wayda Career 

According to popular belief, Jayda’s career started considerably earlier. Her career officially began when she established “Shop Amour Jaydain 2016. Her hair and wig company expanded amazingly. Jayda, who was only 19 years old then, demonstrated that age is just a number. In any case, a year later, she ceased operating this firm. 

Jayda wrote “The Young Boss Blueprint: 15 Steps to Becoming a Young Boss” shortly after. She released this 74-page book on February 2, 2018. She made it very evident in the description of her book that it offers a step-by-step guide for launching any business. 

Remember that Jayda Wayda represents other brands besides her role as a fashion model. Her modeling career began as a result of her significant social media presence. She has a devoted global fan base and a timeless beauty, which is why she is the face of several well-known businesses. 

She is brand ambassador of Jayda Wayda clothing. The reputable online retailer “Waydamin,” which offers a large selection of blouses, leggings, shorts, and other apparel items, was founded by her.

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Jayda Wayda’s Personal Life

Regarding Jayda’s romantic status, we know she has been seeing the well-known rapper Lil Baby. They reportedly began dating in 2016, but things got tricky in their relationship once their son Loyal Armani was born.

On February 18, 2019, Jayda wayda Braids and Lil Baby welcomed a son. Jayda frequently shares photos of her infant son on social media. But it’s been a while since we’ve seen Jayda and Lil together. Numerous reports have surfaced regarding the trendy pair, claiming that Lil cheated on Jayda and that they are no longer together.

Who is Jayda Wayda’s Boyfriend?

Jayda Wayda
Jayda Wayda

Popular personality Jayda Wayda has been romantically involved with well-known rapper Lil Baby, whose real name is Dominique Armani Jones. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, it is suggested that you review recent news stories or their official social media accounts, even though this information is based on search results from various dates between 2016 and 2023.

Power couple Jayda and Lil Baby show off their love for one another on social media and are regularly photographed together at events. Renowned for his triumphant musical career featuring hits like “Drip Too Hard,” “Woah,” and “Emotionally Scarred,” Lil Baby has emerged as an influential figure in the hip-hop sector. Their friendship goes beyond just a romantic relationship because they always encourage one another’s pursuits in both their personal and professional lives.

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Exciting Facts About Jayda Wayda

  • Georgia is the US state where Jadyn Wayda was born and reared.
  • Jayda was born in Liberty City, Alabama, and currently resides and works as a globally renowned entrepreneur and Instagram personality.
  • Written by Jayda Wayda, the author of “The Young Boss.
  • Jayda Wayda has her own YouTube channel, which uploads beauty, health, and fashion videos. Furthermore, she promotes her brand on the track.
  • 1.3 million people on TikTok follow Jayda.
  • On Jayda Wayda ig, she has 6.6 million followers.

Jayda Wayda Net Worth

Her net worth is projected to be close to $4 million by 2023. This needs to be verified by an official source. She decided to give the business a go by listing clothes for sale on the website and app Poshmark. She later took over as the company grew and became Amour Jayda LLC. She also maintains a website that she created herself.


What is Jayda Wayda famous for?

In August 2018, she gained popularity for her YouTube channel, which currently has over 395k subscribers.

How old is Jayda Wayda?

Jayda Wayda is 25 years old.

How tall is Jayda Wayda?

She is 5 feet 1-inch tall.

What happened with Lil Baby and Jayda?

The couple had a child together, but things got serious when rumors started to circulate that the leader of 4PF had cheated on her with an adult film actress called Ms. London.

Did Jayda get a BBL?

Not as kind as many might imagine, she underwent a procedure.


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