Who Was Barbara Roufs? Bio, Career, Death Of Racing Girl

Barbara Roufs
Barbara Roufs

American drag racing champion Barbara Roufs passed away suddenly in January 1991. One of the most beautiful athletes who inspired the competition is her. 1944 saw the birth of an American Drag Race Trophy Girl in Southern California. Barbara is from that country.

She gained notoriety as a young, beautiful woman. In addition, Barbara has brought much more energy and happiness to the group.

Barbara passed away in 1991. Her age was 47 years at the time. Her occupation, net worth, and marital status are all covered in this brief biography. As a result, a quick synopsis of Barbara Roufs life and the circumstances surrounding her death follows.

Barbara Roufs Biography?

One of the most beloved drivers of the 1970s was Barbara Roufs. She has two small children and is 29 years old.

She is considered by many to be Southern California’s most attractive trophy girl in drag racing. Many of her photos of the race are available on YouTube.

1944 saw the birth of Barbara. We can assume that she was born and reared in California since she consented to be a trophy girl there. When she died, she was just 47 years old.

Early life of drag queen Barbra Roufs: In 1944, Roufs was born in Southern California.

Her varied family history complemented her kind demeanor. Her mother was Thelma Ruby Riles, and her father was Wayne Eldon Riley.

Profile Summary

Barbara Roufs
Barbara Roufs
Full name    Barbara Roufs
Nickname  Racing Trophy Girl
Gender  Female
Date of birth  1944
Died  January 1991
Barbara Roufs Age 47 (as of 1991)
Place of birth  California, United States 
Nationality  American 
Profession   Trophy girl, model
Mother      Thelma Ruby Riley
Father  Wayne Eldon Riley
Siblings  Vivian Deaton, James, Bruce, Ben Gube
Marital status  Married
Children  1 (Jet Dougherty)
Barbara Roufs Height 5’5” 
Net Worth $1.5 million

Barbra Roufs Early life 

Barbara Roufs
Barbara Roufs

Barbara was born in Southern California in 1944. She was the daughter of Wayne Eldon Riley and Thelma Ruby Riles. She had one biological brother and three adopted brothers. Ben Gube is her adopted brother, and her siblings are Vivian Deaton, Bruce Riley, and James Riles. 

The mother of Barbera Roufs wed her husband in 1947 after they first met in 1942. She was the organist for the Church of the Nazarene, Calvary Bible (Bullard), Baptist Valley Bible, and Grace Baptist Church, and ran a beauty salon in Clovis for fifty years. Regretfully, her mother passed away in 2005, a few years after Barbara Roufs.

What Was Barbera Roufs Life Was Before Her Death?

Barbara Roufs entered the drag racing scene as a trophy girl at the start of the 1970s, when the business had grown since its peak in the 1960s. The more contemporary type had replaced the previous model of cars. The driver’s seat of the original dragsters is positioned behind the engine, and they are converted to fuelers. Auto texts have improved with time. As a result, the prizes for the competitors changed as well. The women’s bras were burned, their shorts shrank, and their hair lengthened.

But with her long, straightened hair, her airy freedom tanks, and her vintage 1960s go-go boots, Barbara was the epitome of the trophy girl. In the days of the Professional Dragster Association, on the streets of California, only ladies with the height, build, and attractiveness of Barbara Roufs would be fit for that role. She, therefore, established a reputation for herself by energizing and revitalizing the races.

Professional career 

Barbara Roufs
Barbara Roufs

Barbara Roufs obit worked in the late 1960s and early 1970s as a drag racing trophy girl. At Orange County International Raceway, she was crowned the winner of the sixth annual U.S. Professional Dragster Championship. She was also the Professional Dragster Association’s 1973 queen. 

Despite being older, Roufs Barbara was a favorite among the competitors and audience. Because of her attractiveness, she was also favored by producers and other companies looking to market their goods to drag racing enthusiasts. Barbara’s image was frequently seen in promotional magazines and t-shirts. She was well acknowledged for having revived drag racing.

What Caused Barbara Roufs death?

Let’s know Barbara Roufs how did she die:

A few years after departing as a trophy girl, Barbara Roufs model killed herself under mysterious circumstances. She had a happy existence until she took her own life, leaving a lasting legacy.

But it was unclear why the suicide was committed. The age of her death was 47. Barbara resided in Fresno, California, with her family before her passing.

Age and Family of Barbara Roufe

1944 is Barbara Rougs birth year. There is no information about her family. But we might assume that she was raised in California, where she gladly accepted the role of trophy girl, having been born there. At the age of 47, she departed from this life.

Barbara Roufs Net Worth 

Throughout the 1970s, Barbara worked as a drag racing trophy girl and model. The amount of money trophy girls received at the time was unknown. She did, however, make money through salary. Some of Barbara Roufs’ renowned 1970s photographs are available for purchase online. Her net worth is around $1.5 million.

Grandchildren and Children

In 2016, renowned photographer Tom West shared vintage Barbara Roufs photos. Everyone was taken aback. Her Facebook persona, Jet Dougherty, recounted her mother’s recollections. She said her life was exciting and cheerful. Regrettably, its duration was brief.

Barbara Roufs’ Quick Facts:

  • Barbara Roufs 1991: she died in January 1991 at the age of 47.
  • Barbara’s daughter is Jet Dougherty.
  • Barabara Roufs weighed 55 kilos (118 pounds) and was 5 feet 5 inches (165 centimeters) tall.
  • Barbara Roufs obituary lived in Fresno, California, in the United States, with her family.
  • Ben Gube, Bruce Riley, James Riley, and Vivian Deaton were the siblings of Babara Roufs.
  • Tom West photographed Barbara Rouffs.
  • Barbara Roufs was thought to be valued at roughly $1.5 million.

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In the 1970s, Barbara Roufs was a much-loved trophy girl in the Southern California drag racing scene. She was born in 1944 and raised in California. Barbara started as a successful model and then turned into a trophy wife.

Her captivating charisma and contagious enthusiasm made her a favorite, with competitors, spectators, and companies hawking goods to the crowd. The records of Barbara’s relationships could be better.

In her presence, many people’s hearts were racing. She was 47 when she went suddenly in January 1991, yet her legacy lives on as a testament to the heyday of drag racing.


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