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Landon Mcbroom
Landon Mcbroom

American social media celebrity Landon McBroom is well-known for his “YouTube” channel, “THIS IS L&S.” Along with his girlfriend Shyla, who is also known in the form “SimplyShyla” via social networks, McBroom manages the channel. Their lives and relationships are the primary topics of the Vlogs on the track. The pipeline has attracted an impressive number of subscribers due to its enthralling content. The Instagram account Landon runs has garnered more than 371 million followers. Landon is the brother of famous “NCAA” basketball star Austin.

Who Is Landon Mcbroom?

Landon Mcbroom
Landon Mcbroom

On the 26th of September 1996 in Los Angeles, California, United States, Landon McBroom was born. He is an entrepreneur based in Los Angeles, a boxer, a YouTuber, an influential social media user, a content creator, and a popular social media user.

In addition to the fact that he comes from a somewhat athletic family, only a little information about his childhood and education is available. Landon admitted that he was a highly athletic young male. He is a professional basketball player and a famous YouTube brother, Landon Austin McBroom.


Full Name  Landon McBroom
Landon Mcbroom Age 27 years
Gender Male
Profession Youtuber, Social Media Influencer, Content Creator, Boxer, and Entrepreneur
Date of Birth.  September 26, 1996(Thursday)
Place of Birth Los Angeles, California, United States.
Education Graduate
Nationality  American
Instagram @LandonMcbroom 
Net worth  $6-8 million USD (approx.).

Early Life and Childhood

Landon McBroom was born in California, USA, on September 26, 1996; he will turn 25 in 2022. The parents of his father, Allen and Michele McBroom, have been divorced for a while. McBroom has a well-known brother, Landon Austin McBroom, a basketball player and YouTuber, and two half-siblings on his father’s side.

Professional Life

Landon McBroom comes from a family with a lot of activity. Therefore, he is an athlete like her mom Michele and his brother Austin. In addition, he has a certification as a trainer. His YouTube channel, “This is L&S,” is well-known. He launched this YouTube channel on March 13, 2017. Two months later, the couple started releasing videos.

On June 23, 2017, they published “WELCOME to our channel! [Q&A],” which has accumulated more than 522,741 views. They’ve uploaded content to this channel ever since. “MAKEOVER Challenge [DIN PUBLIC !!]” as well as “REAL SPIDER PRANK OFF GIRLFRIEND! *EXTREME!!!” were the subsequent videos. The channel quickly gained the attention of many viewers. As of the moment, there are 2.79 viewers.


Landon McBroom graduated with a certificate from Lancaster, the prestigious Paraclete High School. But he hasn’t disclosed any information about his studies. He is a graduate of elementary school. However, whether he graduated from an institution of higher learning needs to be clarified.

Regarding his career, Landon McBroom reportedly started his own YouTube channel with the woman he was with, Shyla Walker, in June 2017. On November 28, 2019, they launched a YouTube channel with the name This is L&S, which they later changed to This Is L&S BEST.

Austin Mcbroom Brother Career 

Landon Mcbroom
Landon Mcbroom

The writer of the text was a former athlete. Sports has always caught his curiosity from when he was a young boy. He played basketball and boxing, in addition to other sports. In addition, he’s an authorized trainer. His brother, Austin McBroom, is still a professional boxer. He’s been involved in several boxing contests, including his participation in the Social Gloves: Battle of the Platforms in June 2021.

Relationship Status

Landon Mcbroom
Landon Mcbroom

Shyla Walker is a landon mcbroom girlfriend. They’re famous because Shyla can be an online phenomenon and an Instagram model. The couple have been in love since the summer of 2016. Twitter is an online social network where they first came in contact. They have created a joint YouTube channel dubbed “This is L&S,” where they share their video blogs, practical jokes and challenges, and more. The couple is expecting their first child in the year 2019. The couple also has a peaceful living space in Los Angeles, California.

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Landon Mcbroom Net Worth

The net worth of Landon is believed to be around $8 million. However, there needs to be a piece of official information on his net worth available. The actor earns money through his role as a fighter, online celebrity, and YouTuber.

The famous online persona has been claimed to have manipulated Pinterest images to depict life lavishly back in September. However, the truth of the allegations hasn’t been proven.


What did Landon McBroom do to Shyla?

Landon Macbroom physically attacked her and tried to kidnap their baby daughter, Souline mcbroom.

What is Austin Mcbroom brother’s ex-name?

Shyla Walker, who is most well-known as the ex-partner of Landon McBroom.

Who has Landon McBroom dated?

Landon MacBroom has dated Shyla Walker.

Who is Landon McBroom’s brother?

McBroom is the brother of basketball legend Austin McBroom. Athlete Austin McBroom.


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