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What Does ONB Mean In Snapchat
What Does ONB Mean In Snapchat

In this article we describe, What Does ONB Mean In Snapchat? For a while now, Snapchat has been a unique way for people to talk to each other. Users can post stories and send their friends disappearing direct messages, pictures, and videos.

Many slang words and acronyms are used on the app, which can be hard to understand for people who are new to it or even people who are used to Snapchat features because there’s always a chance to come across a new word.

ONB is an acronym you may have seen on the app, often in direct messages (DMs) or snap comments. But what does it mean? Read this to learn more.

What Does ONB Mean In Snapchat?

What Does ONB Mean In Snapchat
What Does ONB Mean In Snapchat

The ONB meaning on Snapchat stands for Outward Nose Breath. This terminology explanation, however, is based on a rather recent development. 

Social media users typically employ the LOL symbol when they come across humorous content or a humorous comment. LOL, a well-known abbreviation, eventually lost its impact, and people began using it as filler or a way to end a conversation. 

The term “Outward Nose Breath,” coined by Snapchat users in recent years, describes someone who is amused and exhales through their nose. It’s a smirk instead of a chuckle (maybe!).

On the other hand, a few years ago, we may have responded “Old News Bro” or “On Bro” to the question, “What does ONB mean on Snapchat?

How Is ONB Used On Snapchat?

We said you would be shocked when you discovered what ONB meaning on Snapchat. One thing is for sure, though: this name does not stand for any NSFW words or phrases. This means that parents don’t need to worry if they see their kids using this term on Snapchat.

Outward Nose Breath

Outward Nose Breath is known as ONB. The expression indicates that a user was amazed by a comment or a post, but they weren’t laughing too hard. No! Not laughing out loud, but letting out a small breath via the nose instead! Like a tiny grin! 

On Bro

If you notice someone responding to a serious topic with “On, Bro!” it could be a reference to that. This is a straightforward affirmation that he is up to something or that you can rely on him. 

Old News Bro

You might discover that someone is ON-shutting comments. ONB stands for Old News Bro in this instance. Utilize ONB to block someone on Snapchat if they are bugging or boring you with information you already know. 

Orange Is The New Black

People began referring to Orange Is The New Black as ONB as it gained popularity. Therefore, if someone on Snapchat asks abut the Orange Is The New Black show, they may be referring to the venerable HBO program of the same name.

Few Examples ONB 

What Does ONB Mean In Snapchat
What Does ONB Mean In Snapchat

We’ve discussed four ways the word “ONB” could be used. To help you understand it better, here are some examples:

Outward Nose Breath

  • This car is really great. ONB!
  • It looks so funny! ONB

On Bro

  • I saw her at the club recently. ONB!
  • took the class. ONB! 

Old News Bro

  • That took place yesterday. ONB. 
  • Hailey is a bad girl. ONB

Orange Is The New Black

  • Has anyone seen the most recent episode of ONB?
  • How can I watch ONB again 

ONB meaning in Text and On Urban Dictionary

Let’s know what does ONB mean in text:

Urban Dictionary is a great tool to find out what online slang words and phrases mean. By the way, the word ONB here has a different meaning. The meaning of “Outward nose breath” has not been changed yet because it is not widely used and understood.

The first thing the Urban Dictionary says about ONB is “On Bro.” It says that ONB stands for “On bro.” It can be used to talk to your friends or say, “OK, Bro.

When used in the second way, ONB meaning “on blood.” This is more violent because it has to do with anger and disgust. Say something like, “I’ll beat them ONB.” Another one is “Old News B,” which is used to tell someone they’re not welcome if they write something already discussed in a group chat. That “b” is just a name for a friend. It doesn’t stand for anything.


After reading this article, fulfill your query about What Does ONB Mean In Snapchat? It is only sometimes the case that abbreviations or acronyms are considered slang. Every day, users of Snapchat shorten lengthy words by using existing acronyms and creating new ones. If you need clarification on any abbreviations, you just need to do some digging, and you will figure out what they stand for. Be careful not to ignore any abbreviations, or you risk missing out on any vital messages that your followers may have left for you.


What does ONB mean in texting slang?

ONB meaning text is ‘On Bro,’


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