What Does RS Mean On Snapchat? – Explained By Magzinevista

What Does RS Mean On Snapchat
What Does RS Mean On Snapchat

Read complete article to know What Does RS Mean On Snapchat? A lot of Snapchat users love slang. When you type a whole line on a small screen, it’s easy to see why. When you use nicknames, though, you always avoid getting lost in translation. The letters of an acronym might make the person who receives it scratch their head as they try to figure out what it means. 

Don’t worry if you don’t know what RS meaning text snapchat. Some new words and sentences take time to remember in social media.

What Does RS Mean On Snapchat

What Does RS Mean On Snapchat
What Does RS Mean On Snapchat

Let’s know what does RS” mean snapchat:

The acronym rs meaning snapchat is “Rundsnap,” shaped like a circle. Also, “ms” can mean “Massensnap” in part. The “ms” symbol, “Massensnap,” lets you know that this is a picture or video. In which not only a specific person but also everyone who knows the sender can’t get in.

Most of the time, this is a message or someone who wants to keep up with the other people on Snapchat.

Other meanings of RS

Below define some R/S meaning in text:

“Real sh*t”

RS meaning in chat is define as, You can usually use “Real sh*t” instead of words like “I know right” (or “IKR” if you want to be short). The letters in this acronym mean you strongly agree with what someone wrote or messaged you about. 


A lot of people like the MMORPG RuneScape. People who are really into games may use RS to talk about RuneScape instead of “Real sh*t” rs meaning slang, TikTok, Snapchat, and other places. This is especially true if they want to know if you play the game or set up a time for you and them to play it together.

“Red shirt”

A Star Trek fan might use rs in text as “red shirts,” the security guards in the original Star Trek TV show who wear red and often die in episodes to make the risk seem more real. 

“Rainbow Six”

The FPS (first-person shooter) games in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six are based on the book Rainbow Six by Tom Clancy. 

Other acronyms | Slangs of Snapchat

MB (My bad)

ML (Much Love)

ONB (Outward Nose Breath)

Purple Circle (Profile has posted a story)

Snapchat Streak – What is it? Everything you need to know?

What Does RS Mean On Snapchat
What Does RS Mean On Snapchat

More and more things can be done on Snapchat now that it’s been around for a while. There is a Snapchat streak among these. Let’s talk about what it is and how it works.

Rules for Snapchat Streaks

For the Snapchat run, you need to follow some rules.

  • To begin, you must send at least one snap every 24 hours.
  • No pictures or videos, but chat notes.
  • The series will return to scratch if a photo is sent within 24 hours.

Final Words

In this blog we describe What Does RS Mean On Snapchat? Okay, Snapchat users! I think you now know rs meaning in snapchat. If you use the Snapchat app, you should know what this simple phrase means. Knowing the most important terms lets you use the app without worrying, which won’t ruin your fun.

Even though our website already has a lot of slang words, if you want us to add any more, please let us know in the comments below.


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