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What Does The Purple Star Mean On Twitter
What Does The Purple Star Mean On Twitter

In this article we describe, What Does The Purple Star Mean On Twitter? Since Elon Musk, the famous billionaire, bought Twitter not long ago, quick changes to the app’s features, upgrades, and updates have made it hard for people to use.

These changes include moving the buttons and likes around, giving tweets a view count, splitting the site up, and so on.

People need to understand that the newest one is the twitter purple star that goes with tweets.

Everyone is trying to figure out what it means since the Twitter company didn’t say anything about it when they woke up. Read this to find out what does the purple star on twitter mean?

What Does The Purple Star Mean On Twitter?

What Does The Purple Star Mean On Twitter
What Does The Purple Star Mean On Twitter

If you have a purple star on Twitter, the service will send you related tweets that you might find interesting and click on when you’re not using it. This is meant to get you to use it more.

Sometimes, you are so busy with real life that you don’t have time to log into your social media accounts or choose to avoid them to spend more time with others.

There is always a way for Twitter and other social media sites to get you back to them.

Twitter has a notice with a purple star that shows you tweets about people or things you have already shown interest in.

Twitter keeps track of what and who users post and what they like and don’t, like other Social apps, Tiktok, Snapchat and Instagram.

The purple star on twitter notice tells you to keep your mind on the task and keep up with Twitter’s fast pace.

If you see a twitter purple star, a tweet is suggested. Based on the tweets you have already seen, they will mean similar tweets.

Because we know these messages can sometimes be annoying, we’ll review all the ways you can stop them.

How Can I Stop Getting Twitter purple star?

  • You should stop getting the tweets with the purple star on twitter for reasons only you know.
  • You can try these things if you wish to refrain from Twitter giving you those tweets.
  • You should use the Twitter app more often.
  • This is because you will only get alerts if your account is unused.
  • By using your Twitter account, Twitter will not be able to send those tweets.

Turn Off Twitter Notification

You should turn off your Twitter notifications if you’re still getting those tweets even though you’re online. To do this,

Start-up Twitter on your phone:

  • Move your finger to the right side of the screen.
  • Press the button next to Settings and Support three times.
  • Go to Settings and Privacy.
  • Go to Notifications and select Preferences.
  • When you click on Push Notifications, a screen will appear. Scroll down and turn off all of the Recommendations choices.

Block Account

You can also block the accounts that Twitter offers when you get notifications.

You can also block those accounts if you don’t follow them or aren’t interested in them in any way to stop getting tweet ideas.


After reading this article your point is clear about, What Does The Purple Star Mean On Twitter? If you want to keep your social group small and hang out with interesting people, the twitter purple star notification on Twitter might be a pain.

A purple star meaning you’re available on Twitter, and Twitter will use this to get your attention again.

This feature, purple star on Twitter doesn’t always mean something is happening to you. Like Instagram features and active snapchat.

The only thing Twitter wants is for you to talk to other people more often.

There may also be a purple twitter icon if Twitter wants to show you some suggested tweets based on what you like.

You can’t change the notice itself, but there are a few things you can do to get rid of it.


What does the star icon mean on Twitter?

You can switch between the two timeline views by clicking the star icon in the upper right corner.

What does purple star mean on twitter?

These purple stars mean the tweets were picked out for you based on other tweets.

What do Twitter notifications mean?

You can see which of your posts have been liked, the most recent Reposts, and posts sent directly to you (replies and mentions) from the Notifications stream.

How do I turn off star notifications on Twitter?

  • All your profile icon or the navigation menu symbol will be visible on the top menu. 
  • Tap the appropriate button, then choose Settings and Privacy. 
  • Click on Notifications. Choose the notification kinds you want to receive by tapping Push notifications.


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