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What Does CFS Means On Instagram
What Does CFS Means On Instagram

Let’s know What Does CFS Means On Instagram? Since you know how social media works, you might run into some slang along the way. To get the most out of the experience, you should know the terms and acronyms you encounter as you read. 

One of the social networks that is known for its nicknames is Instagram. Reading on will help you understand what CFS meaning on instagram. 

Instagram changes things quickly. They add a new feature soon after the old one. When Facebook said CFS in 2018, users were glad they could finally regain some of their privacy. 

It takes a lot of time to go through your friends and block the people you want to avoid seeing your story on Instagram. That will take more time and effort, but CFS will save you time and trouble. 

What Does CFS Means On Instagram

CFS meaning on instagram is “Close Friends Story.”

The Close Friends Story (CFS) was added in 2018 and lets you make a private story that isn’t connected to any other Instagram stories. This tool lets you choose which friends can see and comment on your accounts. This is a great way to make Instagram more private and show off your personality without your whole fan list seeing it!

  • A Close Friends Story has a green circle around it on your Instagram home page. This isn’t like the yellow and purple ring that usually goes around stories.
  • In the upper right area of someone’s Close Friends Story is a green rectangle that says “CLOSE FRIENDS.”
  • No changes can be made to your Close Friends list right now. You can mute the person so that none of their stories show up. If that doesn’t work, blocking or unfollowing them will.
  • When used in text messages or on Snapchat and TikTok, CFS can also mean “cute, funny, and sweet.” Your friend might tell you about their great crush in a text message.

How do you make a CFS on Instagram?

Take the following actions to start your CFS instagram journey:

  • Go to Instagram and open it. 
  • Click on your name in the bottom right spot.
  • At the upper right corner, press the menu option.
  • Pick out the “Close Friends” tab.
  • Pick out the people you want to add.

How do you post to CFS on Instagram?

The simple actions you must follow before posting to your CFS are listed below:

  • Go to Instagram and open it. 
  • Toggle the “+” sign at the top of the screen. 
  • On the bottom of the screen, click “Story“. 
  • Pick out what you want to post. 
  • Press the green “Close Friends” button.

That’s all there is to it! When you turn this feature on, your list of best friends will be the only ones who can see what you post on your private story. 


As we already discussed, What Does CFS Means On Instagram? CF in slang means “close friends.” A lot of people use it on Instagram. CF is a great way to ensure that only a few people can see your personal information. It’s also a great security tool because it keeps your location a secret from people who don’t want to know. For those who want to know more about what CFS meaning in text and how to use it on Instagram, feel free to share your posts with your close friends and family.


What is CFS meaning in text and social media?

CFS insta indicates Close Friends Story on Instagram.

How to do CFS on Instagram?

  • Select or tap on your profile image in the lower right to access it.
  • To choose Close Friends, hit the top-right corner.
  • Tap the names of those you want to include in your Close Friends list. 
  • Tap the name of the person you want to remove from your list.

What do CFS mean on instagram?

On Instagram, CSF is a common abbreviation meaning “Could Slide First.”


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